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Birthday Shenanigans

02/02/10 @ 11:35:57 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Retro Kikaku, 2176 words, 10572 views  

It is now Monday, February 1st. It’s early in the morning and I’ve been up for nearly an hour now… I get a phonecall from a freight company saying they have a delivery for me, and the approximate time it will arrive. Also noting that they can’t actually deliver TO my apartment…which I knew. Thankfully we had an appliance dolly on rental just for this. I go and take a quick shower, get dressed…and wait. I get a USPS delivery, some books I ordered, and the Holy Grail of my NEO-GEO collection… Wasting no time, I stick it in the Uncabinet and leave it to loop through attract mode, then I return to my waiting…

I have my blinds open, which I usually don’t, and find myself reacting to the sound of any big truck or people rolling things down the sidewalk… Finally, I hear my father’s voice outside, and I look, and sure enough he’s standing at the corner of the building signing for something. (He works in receiving downstairs and I told the freight carrier that they can deliver it to him if that would be easier.)

I go down there with the camera, he’s not there anymore, and there’s a huge goddamn thing sitting outside the door. A HUGE. GODDAMN. THING.

I hear the phone ring in our apartment, obviously my dad called upstairs to tell me it’s here. He emerged from the store a minute later to see me standing there. After some work, we get it onto the appliance dolly, and at this point, we know that something has gone terribly incorrect.

Weeks ago, I had done some quick research about moving arcade cabinets and read that a standard upright weighs about as much as a refrigerator, to which my dad had responded that it should be easy and he’d just need me to steady it while he pulls it up the stairs…

BIGGEST GODDAMN LIE EVER. (On the internet’s part, not my dad’s) According to the shipping invoice, its weight was listed as 300lbs, which can NOT be right.

I was terribly underdressed, in a pair of track pants, a matching jacket, socks and sandals… And for some reason we continued anyway… (Though I did get a pair of gloves, because it was freezing goddamn cold out.) Did I mention we have to drag this thing up a flight of goddamn stairs? Yeah. FML.

We started, with him on the inside, and me on the outside. He was pulling the dolly, and I was lifting the cabinet. We got it into the stairwell, and after collecting ourselves, tried a step… Basically, he had to get a couple steps behind it, and I would help tilt the cabinet back slightly, at which point he would start pulling, the tracks on the back of the dolly would engage the step, and it was pretty easy for me to lift from there…until the lip of the step reaches the gap between the tracks and the wheels… At which point I’d have to put everything into getting it up over the lip.

This is not an easy task. We were only able to go one step at a time, sometimes with massive pauses because this was some harrowing shit. Luckily, every couple of steps, we could take a break, as the cabinet would actually sit flat on the step, with the marquee section resting against a rafter. (We tested this THOROUGHLY before anyone even THOUGHT of letting that much weight rest on ANYTHING.)

It took us two hours to get it up 17 stairs to the landing, turn it 90 degrees, and get it over the last step into the vestibule, where it came to rest in front of our apartment, and I proceeded to remove it from its cocoon.

Once I looked it over, I plugged it into the handy nearby grounded outlet, and suddenly everything became worth it. It would be a couple-few hours before a space was cleared for it in the livingroom (Which is still undergoing a transformation that began when we moved in back in June…) at which point it was strapped back to the dolly, rolled into the doorway, had the leg-levelers cleaned off, and placed on very good heavy duty furniture glides. It was then slid over to where the Uncabinet used to be, if you remember my picture.

I can sense some of you, putting those pictures together, probably realized that we spent two hours, and considerable effort, to move the cabinet a mere ten feet horizontally… I must say though, I am plenty pleased with what I spent so much money on. It’s just awesome. :3

Stay tuned for the epilogue to this story, In which Baka introduces you to MVS-tan.

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