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Birthday Shenanigans

02/02/10 @ 11:35:57 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Retro Kikaku, 2176 words, 10567 views  

Well, my 29th birthday came last Wednesday, I was lost in the flurry of activity leading up to getting tax refunds (a.k.a. ‘Christmas in February’) We were struggling to figure out how we would pay for pizza for my birthday, being ostensibly broke, and then I checked the bank account and saw that the state tax refund had come in… One problem down.

Take a step back about a week… Among the things I had planned to get with the tax money, was a new 25″ arcade monitor to help the process of building my own cabinet from all the parts I have. This represented countless obstacles. First of all, a monitor costs upwards of $400 shipped. I also need a coin door. Which is nearly $200 shipped with coin mechs. Then there’s the matter of all the materials required to actually BUILD the cabinet; particle board, plywood, some manner of red-colored laminate for the sides and front, etc. There was also the problem of not having more than approximate WxDxH measurements for a NEO-GEO ‘big red’ like I wanted… It really seemed like a doomed endeavor… This is when things took a turn…

Next: Part 2, In which Baka discovers the lost Ark.

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