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11/19/09 @ 05:49:35 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 656 words, 1182 views  

Wherein no internet and no games makes Baka something-something. See how close humanity came to destruction, after the jump.


Baka’s log 2009.11.18 03.47 Local Time

It has been nearly 16 hours since I lost internet. I spent at least half of that time sleeping since, well, what else was I going to do? Can’t play any of my games because I didn’t put Steam into Offline Mode, couldn’t work on Milo’s website because well, yeah… The ritalin thing turned out to be a bust for today; my doc wrote out the prescription for a dose that apparently isn’t available for the particular type of ritalin he specified, so the pharmacist said he couldn’t fill it.

A little while ago I tried something new regarding my drawing; Lying on the floor. That may sound bizarre, but when I was younger, I did far more drawing lying on my bed or on the floor than I ever did at a desk or table. It actually worked rather well, I was more comfortable. Unfortunately I couldn’t really focus on what I wanted to do. However, this lends credence to the idea of a MiniITX machine hooked up to the tablet as a tiny standalone unit. It would add incredible flexibility to the whole setup.

Baka’s log, supplemental 09.07 Local Time

It has been more than 21 hours since I lost internet. The sheer vacuum and lack of stimuli is slowly destroying my mind. There is little, if anything, I can do without an internet connection. Can’t work. Can’t play. Can’t learn. Can’t be entertained. I imagine that awareness is about the only difference between my current predicament and the cold embrace of death. I might as well go sleep for another several hours, then I can DREAM about doing things.

I could probably try drawing again, but my brain is in such a jumble I have no inspiration. It will be another six hours at the very least before I have internet.

I’m strongly considering putting my head in the drill press.

Baka’s log, supplemental 09.54 Local Time

Making strained conversation with the only other inhabitant of this prison, my sister. She too is being driven mad by the lack of internet, but not to anywhere near the same degree. She’s more torn up about being out of cigarettes. Must remember to stay out of her way as the day drags on, if I want to survive. If.

Baka’s log, supplemental 10.37 Local Time

The ’strained’ conversation has devolved into simply talking to eachother about stupid shit the other person couldn’t care less about.

Baka’s log, supplemental 12.30 Local Time

Tried sleeping, had just drifted off when sister returns from her appointment, has to tell me all about the crazy shit she told her counselor. My joy cannot be contained. Tells me how bored she is, and threatens to set me on fire just to have something to do. I consider it.

Baka’s log, supplemental 13.08 Local Time

Watching some Evangelion, wondering what it would take for me to bring about instrumentality, just for the change of pace that being a puddle would represent.

Baka’s log, supplemental 13.36 Local Time

Destroying the world is too much work. It is now 25 hours and 28 minutes that I have been without internet. I think I’ll go take a nap now that there’s no one around to bother me.

Baka’s log, supplemental 16.51 Local Time

Woke up to many more people in the room than I remember. I have been without an internet connection for 28 hours and 43 minutes. The possibility of total mental collapse is very real at this point. The human mind can only endure so much before it takes refuge in absurdity, in insanity.

Baka’s log, supplemental 17.27 Local Time

I seem to be out of caffeine. This is a troubling development.

Baka’s log, supplemental 17.50 Local Time

Internet restored. Third impact averted. Sorry to disappoint those of you who wished to join the rest of humanity in forming a vast ocean of Tang.


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