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Status Report: What?

09/09/09 @ 12:17:53 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 340 words, 998 views  

I’ve been so busy with work and stuff I’m starting to lose track of what all I am doing… I’m working on a website for someone, I’m a GM on a private MMO server (A job that I am constantly falling behind on when other things come up…), and I’m getting close to being able to sell a couple of products. (A USB arcade stick controller board, and my vacuum tube clocks)

For about a month now, my right shoulder has felt like it was going to fall off to varying degrees, from me sleeping on it wrong. I notice that it finally doesn’t hurt anymore, so what do I do? Keep falling back asleep until I manage to fuck it up again. Luckily it went away pretty quickly. I had some amusing and interesting dreams though.

The one that stood out most when I woke up went like this:
It was a sort of steampunk setting with airships and stuff, which I basically attribute to reading the latest page of Girl Genius before going to bed.

I was some sort of cadet trainee on an airship equipped for firefighting… I was partnered with this girl who gave everyone a hard time and generally just screwed around. A good example of this would be using one of the ship’s water cannon turrets to hose down some of the other cadets, almost washing one off the deck of the ship. (That may or may not have been me, I have mixed impressions of both watching her do this and almost being washed over the side myself.*) The other cadets resented me for her antics, like she was my responsibility. She saw to it that we met some suitably horrible fate, though I don’t remember how.

The last thing I remember before waking up was walking around in knee-deep water, picking through the wreckage of the airship for food rations.

*Of course, that impression may have more to do with what I strongly suspect was a crash landing in a shallow lake.


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