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06/26/09 @ 04:05:58 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The World, 448 words, 1196 views  

Okay, let me paint a picture for you.

Religious groups in Iran start a stink about American pornography, calling it obscene. They start putting pressure on the US government to do something about it, and— giving in to demands —the government begins the process of banning pornography outright. Adult video and book store owners are arrested under existing ‘obscenity’ laws, pending passage of the legislation that will actually make their wares illegal.

If I laid out this scenario for you, you’d say I was fucking crazy wouldn’t you? Guess what? It’s happening.

Prompted by the outcry of feminist groups and soccer mom nanny patrols in the US, Canada, and Europe, what started out as an at least semi-reasonable attempt at industry regulation is quickly starting to look like it will become a blanket ban of all illustrated erotic material in Japan.

It started with outcry over a game that people are calling a ‘rape simulator’— and let’s be honest, the game in question was exactly that —which led to a reasonable attempt to cut down on the amount of rape scenarios in eroge. In all honesty, it was a measure that I had no problem getting behind, because I am a reasonable person and yeah, rape is bad okay?

Lolicon stuff? Sure, fine. The more extreme end of that spectrum disturbs me. After that, things started getting out of hand. Kemono-mimi? (Cat ears, bunny ears, etc) Really? Well let’s just ban maid outfits and schoolgirls while we’re at it. Wait I didn’t mea— FUCK!

So yeah, the ’slippery slope’ just got re-graded, and they sprayed it with fucking teflon while they were at it, because if it becomes illegal in Japan, you can bet your ass it will be illegal here, TWICE. If things keep up, wanting to whack off to ero drawings will be a crime itself.

They’re CARTOONS. What’s the big deal? If an illustration can be obscene, you are validating it as a form of pornography. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of non-illustrated women getting raped, and non-illustrated children being exploited and abused. Not to mention the still perfectly legal non-illustrated pornography in Japan, some of which is more bizarre and disturbing than ANYTHING I have EVER seen in any eroge or manga. So get some fucking priorities or get some fucking consistency or just simply GET FUCKED. Because honestly, it’s not even MEANT for your consumption, so you don’t HAVE to fucking approve of it.

There must be no mistaking what this really is: Ignorant, xenophobic, westerners who scour the internet for things to get offended about so they can spend their free time trying to HATE IT OUT OF EXISTENCE.


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