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Well, I’m behind a good couple weeks on this followup to my previous posts. When Comcast came by on the 28th, I did in fact get high-speed internet and digital phone service. FAILPOINT however, managed to land one last kick in the balls as a parting shot.

My digital phone service was assigned a new temporary number until I could get my old number ported over. That was supposed to take place over the course of a week after making the request… The problem? It was incumbent upon FAILPOINT to relinquish control of the number. In fact, what it finally came down to was Comcast withdrawing our new number (In good faith) and FAILPOINT not following through on their half. So indeed, for an entire three day weekend, calls to my new number would be told the number is disconnected, and calls to my old number would ring and ring because there wasn’t a phone on the other end.

Yes, you read that correctly: For three days, there was NO WAY to reach my phone from the outside. I could call out, but my phone did not have a phone number. At any rate, FAILPOINT got off their asses and got it done without being leaned on TOO much.


With that finally over, I would like to take an opportunity to gush a fair amount about Comcast. First of all, the internet is ridiculously fast. I get a constant 800kB/s down, with boosts up to 15mb/s for the first hundred megs or so of a transfer. (Meaning small files finish almost instantly) And even when I have 800kB/s of usenet transfers going, I can browse with no slowdown whatsoever, because loading webpages takes advantage of the speed boost. I also have an upload in excess of a megabit, which is nice. These are typical speeds, though I have noticed a FEW ‘anomalies‘.

The phone service is nice too, now that it has a phone number. The digital is nice and clear, good sound. Free local and nationwide long distance, every conceivable service; caller ID, call waiting, caller ID for call waiting, web-accessible voice mail, three kinds of call forwarding, conference calls, all manner of craziness. Together with the internet, the whole package is $10 less than I was paying for nearly featureless phone service and slow DSL from FAILPOINT.


nani sore?
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