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05/19/09 @ 08:56:55 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Life of Baka, 870 words, 1150 views  

So, let’s go over all the stupid shit that has thus far been involved in getting phone and internet on in the new apartment…

On the 1st of May, we called Failpoint and told them we were moving and we need to have internet and phone on in both places until we’re finished moving in. We were told it wouldn’t be a problem and that it was being turned over to another team who would call us when there was a date. When we still hadn’t heard anything by Monday afternoon I decided we needed to call them again… That’s when we were told that they were unable to open a work order because they couldn’t find an ‘Apartment 1′ at that address. (But they have Apartment 2) After some back and forth we convince them that we are not wrong about the apartment number, meaning they would have to add the address to their system before a work order could be opened. It came down to a guarantee that we would have a dialtone on the line no later than (But not much sooner than) the 14th, and that we would get a call. Okay, first of all, what the hell? WHERE IS OUR TECHNOLOGY?

So, the 14th comes…and nothing. Not a damn thing. Amusingly enough, Failpoint HAD been on-site, to do an install for the movie theater we share a wall with. Way to go. My father half-jokingly prodded the guy about the pending work and he said he couldn’t do anything about it without a work order. (Of course not.) Anyway, we call them to find out why we still have nothing and who didn’t do what. Apparently the problem was that the work order still didn’t note that an Apartment 1 had to be added to that address in the system. Yes. That’s right. After two weeks, Failpoint still couldn’t verify the existence of our new abode. We were basically given a 50/50 chance that the request could be processed, but that more than likely nothing would happen until Monday. When the system had apparently accepted the request, we decided to take what we could get.

Sunday, we spent the evening engaging in MAXIMUM RISKY phoneline installation. See, for the last ten years or so, our apartment was used as a part-time home/office for the owner of the building and the Ben Franklin store downstairs. So, he had the phonelines and a run of ethernet brought up from the store. Before that…god only knows. The only other existing phone wiring for that apartment looks like the original installation from the 40s. The wire crumbled at the merest touch… So, we drilled a hole out into the hallway to run new phone wiring to the box. (Because seriously, how much you want to bet if Failpoint actually DID show up, they’d find no wiring whatsoever into the apartment and LEAVE?) We were intending to bring the phoneline down in the bedroom closet, so we could put the modem and network switch in there, which would put it on the other side of the wall from our computers. This was made easy-mode by the dropped ceilings, since we could just staple the wire anywhere on the wall above the ceiling tiles.

Anyway, we ended up leaving the job half finished because it was getting too dark and we were starving for some foodins.

Monday afternoon, with Failpoint failing to accomplish anything as far as we knew, we called again. Nothing had been done. At all. What’s more is the person we got this time seemed to have trouble reading notes, as it took a while to get us all on the same page… It was suggested that this work order be closed, and they could open a new one that contains the correct information, because it would apparently be easier than having them fix the current one. Long story short, we were getting nothing done until Friday the 22nd. (And even then it was likely to be them simply telling us when something might happen…again.) Fuck you, Failpoint. You had your chance. You are basically suggesting that it will have taken you more than a month to do a simple line activation. That’s not time we have, so you’re done.

So what do we do now? We call SoVerNet, the local alternate phone/DSL provider. They at least had the common decency to TELL us that it would take them 20-26 days. We thanked them and returned to weighing our options. Cable? Hmm. So, we call Comcast. Tell them we’re moving to XX Main Street in Middlebury and want cable service. “Apartment 1 or Apartment 2?” Fucking sold.

So, faster internet, digital phone with unlimited long distance and local calling, and it’ll be easy to add TV if we want it at some point. Fuck it. Let’s go. They say a technician will be out between Noon and 4PM on the 28th to check the line and give us the self-install kit. The only real downside is that now the new phoneline we installed won’t get used.

Well, Verizon sure got a good deal on all their copper when they sold out Vermont to Failpoint, too bad WE all got fucked.


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