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A little birthday wish... - Part 1

02/27/09 @ 12:56:21 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Life of Baka, 324 words, 1096 views  

So, sometimes I’ll find myself with some money, looking for an excuse to do something for myself…

The way this impulse expressed itself this time, was fulfilling my childhood desire for a ‘real’ R/C car. Not one of those pieces of junk from RadioShack, a REAL R/C car. The kind you have to put together from a ridiculous number of small parts, and then buy the electronics and stuff.

I try not to spend money on anything so purely frivolous, but it was my birthday, so I said ‘fuck it’, you know?

I settled on a Tamiya TA05 chassis, which is just plain awesome. This is not a toy. This is a racing car that just happens to be radio controlled. For serious. Let me break it down for you: Four wheel drive. Four wheel independent double-wishbone suspension. Front and rear ball differentials. Oil-filled shock absorbers. Fully adjustable ride height, camber, caster, toe-in/out, suspension stiffness and rebound stroke, the whole nine yards.

How I got here was itself an amusing story. I had been looking at small high performance DC motors to make a little desktop drill press for drilling circuit boards, and started looking at R/C car motors, which got me looking at R/C car related stuff, which rekindled the desire to have an R/C car.

I bought all the parts for the car from Tower Hobbies in Illinois, an establishment whose catalogs I would acquire second hand and endlessly flip through when I was a kid. I spent a lot. I didn’t really HAVE to… I mean, the car kit was $175, the radio rx/tx and servo set was $100, and the electronic speed control was $100… But somehow I ended up spending a bit more than that… ^^;

Anyway, just got the car all nice and clean again after taking it out for a spin. I had intended to make this longer, but that didn’t happen. More later!


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