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08/27/08 @ 04:22:00 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Life of Baka, 795 words, 1091 views  

So, yesterday afternoon I was bored and unmotivated, it was still two days before my package of books was going to arrive, and I really just wished that Thursday would hurry its ass up and get here, or I could find something to keep me busy for two days.

That would be when my computer decided to take a massive shit. It had help though. (More about that later) So here it is, Wednesday afternoon, and I just now have a working computer again. (Not to say I was computer-less, we would all be dead.)

The ironic part?


So, here’s what happened… Ever since I built this machine, there’s been a problem where some of the partitions (Usually just one.) will come up write-protected after a reboot. And I have to keep rebooting until all of them are writable. Now, this is fucking ridiculous to begin with, because windows provides NO WAY to write-protect partitions, let alone UNDO such a thing… Apparently you SORT of can… It brings us to the next act in this fucking Greek tragedy…

DISKPART. It’s a windows commandline tool for editing disk partitions (Duh.) The stupid thing is, it has this really annoying interface where instead of telling it to ‘do x to y’ you have to go through and select the ‘y’ and then tell it to ‘do x’ to the currently selected disk/partition/volume… There’s a command for editing volume attributes, one of which is the READONLY flag… So I tried it… Nothing. My F: drive still didn’t become writable. So I looked at the commands again…

I saw a command with the description ’sets the active partition’… That’s what it called it, the ‘active partition’. Is that anything like the ’selected partition’? No. No it isn’t. What this FUCKING TRAP of piss-poor documentation and software design actually does, is set the BOOT PARTITION.

So, after unknowingly setting the boot partition to F:, and giving up on fixing the problem, I reboot the computer… Which greets me with a friendly ‘Insert Bootable Media and Press Any Key to Continue…’


Okay okay, don’t freak… I should be able to put in my windows CD and use the recovery console to fix this. BZZT! WRONG! The standard XP Pro x64 CD, despite being three years newer than XP x86 (And basically a different product, since it’s based more on Windows2k3) doesn’t have SATA drivers… So I have to nLite a new windows CD… Fine, whatever.

After plenty of trial and error, I get to the recovery console. OH LOOK! It has DISKPART! …uhm, this is a completely different tool.

What. The. FUCK.

Yes, that’s right. The Recovery Console DISKPART tool and the windows commandline DISKPART tool are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The Recovery Console version only allows for the creation and deletion of partitions. This is IN NO WAY HELPFUL. In fact, after a bit of digging, it becomes readily apparent that…wait for it…


What the shit is that? Who the fuck came up with this shit? ARRGH! So anyway, I boot an Ubuntu linux livecd I have lying around, go in, and look… And my RAID mirror shows up as two sets of identical partitions… I don’t even want to fucking TOUCH them… FDISK is being a bastard and refuses to access any of the drives anyway…

After a couple more hours of trial and error, I try Ubuntu again, and this time I use CFDISK, which is a text-based GUI version of FDISK. It let me remove the boot flag from F: and put one on C: VICTORY! …not. Windows BSODs. Windows BSODs. Windows doesn’t NOT BSOD, regardless of how I boot it… That’s where I left it last night.

Today, I downloaded the latest Ubuntu, made a for-real full nLite’d install CD for windows, since I had decided there was no helping a full reinstall. Booted Ubuntu, copied the contents of C: to my storage drive, tried to install windows… No go.

It said there isn’t enough room to install to C: and if I continue, Setup will format the partition. Okay. Do it. There is not enough room to install to C:, press ENTER to return to the partition selection screen. Wait, what? What the fuck? FORMAT IT! ARRGGHH!! Futz around with it for an hour, finally just reboot to the recovery console, format C:, then installed… And that takes me to about an hour or two ago.

I have moved through several states of dementia with this fucking thing, but I have windows reinstalled, and didn’t lose any data. Oh, but F: is write-protected again… MOTHERFUCKER.

We’ll see where it goes from here.


nani sore?
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