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Ending the World, One Step at a Time (Part 2)

07/31/08 @ 09:19:36 pm, Categories: Projects, 275 words, 1061 views  

Well, I haven’t attempted to make any further progress on the game prototype yet, as I’ve been concentrating mostly on the lack of art. I experimented with doing 3D characters and rendering them to 2D, and that’s still a possibility, but for the moment, I’m trying to level up my drawing skills as that would actually serve to accomplish more goals.

I did make quite some progress on the 3d modeling though.

First celshaded render of v0001 body.

Render of v0005 body.

More progress. / Another angle.

This is where I left off. / Celshaded version.

After running into problems time and time again modeling the arms and legs, and wrestling with the fact that my model was not stylized enough for my needs, I ripped some models from Illusion’s celshaded 3D eroge, Schoolmate, and decided to look at how they were put together. I started a new model using those proportions as a guide.

But then I got sidetracked with drawing. As most of you know, I went ahead and dropped a king’s ransom on an Intuos3 Special Edition 9x12 tablet… I would have liked to have gotten a Cintiq, but I like my organs more.

Anyway, I cleaned up my desk a little to make room…which also allowed me to finally put my other 19″ LCD back into service. I no longer have a workspace, I now have a…PWNSPACE!

Wacom’s Intuos3 Grip Pen is quickly becoming one of my favorite writing implements, just behind my Rotring 600 series mechanical pencil. Hopefully I’ll have something to post before the weekend is over. I find I am steadily improving, if only from ’shit’ to ‘crap’ so far.


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