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The dangers of powerleveling...

07/06/08 @ 09:01:06 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, 330 words, 1123 views  

So, I have this fire mage in Disgaea… She was one of my first characters. Right now, she is the highest level character I have. Mostly because I’ve been using the item world to level her magic… She can clear the first ten levels of any item all by herself. She has like 500HP and 700SP.

Another of the many over-engineered aspects of Disgaea, is that you can create new characters at any time. And all your characters earn points that allow them to do things like create characters. A newly-created character is the apprentice of the character that created them. This has many side effects. A master and an apprentice are far more likely to execute combo attacks, and a master can use any of the spells their apprentice knows if they’re in adjacent tiles, first at level 0, but if you use it a couple of times, it reaches level 1, and the master has PERMANENTLY LEARNED THE SPELL. This can be used to your advantage. (I forget the exact terms used in the English version, I’ve been playing the Japanese version…)

For instance, that fire mage? I had her create a white mage, and one each of the other two elemental mage types. So now, besides her regular fire spells (Which she has learned up to the ‘giga’ level), can use cast wind elemental spells, ice elemental spells, and healing spells.

I think it’s time to level other characters… She does twice as much melee damage with her staff as Laharl does with his sword. Yeah.

What I’ve been doing is, just having her step out of the level entrance, and stand there casting spells on the closest mobs as they move in. She can reach damn near a quarter of the map with that shit.

There’s something decidedly bent about a girl dressed like a maid letting out a girly little giggle, and then unleashing a spell that does like 1000 damage over a wide area of the map.


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