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Various Miscellany - Part 3 - Of Teams and uh...Fortresses?

05/23/08 @ 08:05:27 pm, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 615 words, 991 views  

So, I really enjoy Team Fortress 2 a lot. Especially with my computer as awesome as it is. Back at the beginning of May, they ran the ‘Gold Rush’ free weekend, where you could play the game for free for like four days. This was a promotion for the first bit of expansion to the game since it launched.

Basically, they’re adding a ton of new class-specific achievements as well as unlockable weapons for every class. They started with the Medic, I guess because not enough people were playing medic, or just weren’t doing their goddamn jobs. (And most of the achievements REQUIRE them to do their goddamn jobs.) But they plan to extend it to all character classes, though no word has been given as to a schedule of any sort.

On top of that, they added a new map and gametype. The map is pl_goldrush or ‘Gold Rush’, and the ‘pl’ stands for the new ‘Payload’ gametype. You have one team on defense, and one attacking. The attacking team is trying to guide the payload across the map, through various checkpoints…

How it works is, on Gold Rush, the BLU team has a bigass bomb on a minecart, that they are trying to get from their end of the map, to the RED end of the map. When you have people around the cart, it moves. Simple. If there’s no one around it, it will start counting down, and when the counter reaches zero, the cart will start moving BACKWARDS. The map is also a multi-round progressive sort of thing. The BLU team has a set amount of time to get the bomb to its destination for that round, every checkpoint they push the cart through, adds time. The successive rounds take place deeper and deeper in the RED facility, until finally it reaches their base on the last map, and blows the shit out of it.

If BLU succeeds in blowing up the RED base at the end, or if at any time they fail to complete a round before running out of time, teams switch and the game starts over. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a lot of fun.

I should also note that they added a bunch of new Payload-specific context dialogue for all character classes. The Heavy’s are by far my favorite though. “Stand by little wagon!” “Push little cart!” “NOOOO! CART GO WRONG WAY!” “LITTLE MEN STEAL OUR CART!” etc etc The comically large bomb in the mine cart also sports the Heavy’s trademark “CRY SOME MORE” scrawled across the front of it. Heh.

Now, the new Medic weapons offer a lot of interesting possibilities. For every 12 of the 36 new achievements that you complete, you get an upgrade. The first upgrade is a new syringe gun… It doesn’t get any critical hits, but every shot that hits gives you +3 health. The second upgrade is a new MediGun, instead of its Uber Charge making you and its target invulnerable for a short period, it gives your target a 100% chance of critical hits. This can be fucking DEVASTATING if used correctly. The final upgrade, is the UberSaw. This is a bonesaw that fills your Uber Charge 25% with every successful melee strike.

The upgrades can be turned on and off at any time. The only one I can really see as ever being disadvantageous though is the MediGun upgrade… I’m willing to give up syringe crits for +3 health, you survive a hell of a lot longer in firefights that way. And there’s really no downside to the UberSaw… Probably why it’s the final upgrade.

So, in closing, it’s the first of many outstanding free additions to an already outstanding game. Outstanding!


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