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03/12/08 @ 07:30:00 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The Gaming Community, 615 words, 1072 views  

So, I’ve made about a half dozen posts on this thread on Kotaku about Fumiaki Tanaka’s (President of Konami, for the uninitiated) sales goal for Metal Gear Solid 4…

…all of them informed and thoughtful…

…except the one where I poked fun at someone for making a typo.

And then, I see this:

by Vecha at 12:04 PM
Wow…another fanboy blog. Congrats!

I imagine he clicked on my avatar or whatever the hell and followed the link in my profile… Whatever the details, I could care less…but this ignorant transgression cannot stand. (Also, I was bored waiting for dinner to be done.)

To paraphrase Tycho, “I have marshaled my words, and in doing so destroyed a man.” (I like my version better. It’s also considerably shorter than what I would rather paraphrase from P-A.)

My response: (In case Kotaku removes it, though I don’t believe they do that sort of thing.)

by Bakachan at 05:22 PM

@Vecha: 419 posts, and the latest three are… Two ramblings about how I want to– and am –buying a PS3, and the third is about my hating the English MGS dubs, and so now it’s a fanboy blog?

Do the world a favor and remove yourself from it.

A fanboy is someone whose advocacy of and loyalty to something ignores common sense or basic facts. Just because I would rather BUY a PS3 than be GIVEN an Xbox 360 does not mean I am a fanboy. The PS3 has its problems, but the Xbox 360 has nothing I want. Neither did its predecessor, until Steel Battalion came out. It’s still the only Xbox game I own that didn’t come with my refurbished console. (Splinter Cell)

A fanboy wouldn’t bother pointing out that if you search The Consumerist for posts about the Xbox 360, you get endless horror stories about failed hardware. Not to mention crummy, insane, or just downright malicious tech support and customer service.

Playstation 3 and Sony? There’s the guy who couldn’t get his PS3 fixed because it was ‘too dusty’. And the rest is just retailer shenanigans.

A fanboy would not point out things like this, because a fanboy’s opinion has no basis in reality, much like the religious zealotry that console fanboyism so often resembles. They make judgments based on blind hatred of whatever they oppose, and even blinder loyalty to their faction.

If you bothered reading my blog beyond the first three posts, you’d see that not too long ago, I did seriously consider buying an Xbox 360, pretty much just for Rez and Ikaruga. But I decided it would take more than that. Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that I BARELY TALK ABOUT GAMES, COMPARED TO OTHER SUBJECTS.

But hey, why let little things like truth or simple fact get in the way of name-calling?

At least mine is based on evident facts: You are ignorant. Go away.

So, there you have it. I have unleashed the amount of erudite curbstomping I felt content with and– Oh! I think that’s the oven timer. DINNER.

Because I just can’t help myself sometimes…

by Bakachan at 08:09 PM

Oh, I forgot one more point… Fanboys like to call people stupid for liking any other system.

I have nothing against Xbox 360 owners. Many of my friends own Xbox 360s.

What I _do_ hate with a burning passion, is fanboys. Of ANYTHING. If you come to a rational informed decision based on your own judgments, you are my brother. Even if you bought a Phantom. (Just don’t ever touch me. Ever. I’m not kidding.)

p.s. When you comment on my blog (I went ahead and published it, even though they’re unpublished by default) it logs your hostmask and IP. Just sayin’.


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