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03/07/08 @ 03:25:24 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, 338 words, 983 views  

First and foremost, I would just like to say that as someone who enjoys Pen & Paper RPGs, and has played D&D on more than one occasion, Gary Gygax will be missed. Like the specials board at Coffee of Doom reads this week in Questionable Content, ‘Pour a 40 for Gygax’. (Or a pint of Ale.)

Well, here it is. Almost Q2 2k8 already. What do we have to look forward to in the coming months? Playstation 3 owners, a demographic I hope to join soon, have Senjou no Valkyria in April, Metal Gear Solid 4 to look forward to in June, as well as a Metal Gear Online beta, and possibly a LittleBigPlanet beta rolling into its September release. I’m really enthused about getting a PS3. The hardware has always been top-notch, especially compared to the x360… (Then again ‘will not self-destruct or burn your house down’ isn’t that hard a standard to meet.) But even I will admit that the library hasn’t quite been there. Well, that changes in 2k8. Expect to see more used 360s up for sale, because the first wave of truly great software for the PS3 that we’ve been promised since launch, makes landfall this year like a goddamn tsunami.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a new camera, and generally spiffy-ing up my apartment into more of a proper workspace and getting some things done.

I’m really enjoying this new computer as well, though I can’t wait to get a second HD 3850 in it, and another monitor. By the way, I’ve had that render going for 85 hours now and the cores still haven’t gone higher than 41°C, and are right now at 38°C. Ontop of that, I don’t know what it is about the architecture of the Phenom…but my computer doesn’t ‘chug’…ever. I’ve had the cores maxed out on that render for three and a half days now, and not ONCE have I been unable to use the computer normally. There’s no noticeable slowdown. It really is incredible.


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