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11/22/07 @ 02:59:29 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. YOU, 309 words, 1247 views  

Some amusing stuff from my old 2000-2003 mIRC logs I found on one of the old HDDs.

Session Start: Mon Jan 20 23:01:21 2003
Session Ident: UmbraSG
[11:05:12PM] <UmbraSG> Hehe. What happened, you get banned from AX?
[11:05:20PM] <UmbraSG> so in order to feel male, you have to hunt me down?
[11:05:33PM] <Baka-chan> Actually, a little bird told me you were here, not much hunting to it.
[11:05:41PM] <UmbraSG> So.
[11:05:42PM] <Baka-chan> Just thought I’d come hassle you.
[11:05:44PM] <UmbraSG> I’m not exactly hiding
[11:06:00PM] <Baka-chan> Is that a fact?
[11:06:01PM] <UmbraSG> Ah. Still can’t master that provoking skill, huh?
[11:06:29PM] <Baka-chan> So, it’s my LACK of provocation you took issue with and left AX?
[11:06:50PM] <UmbraSG> No.
[11:07:02PM] <UmbraSG> If you are dying to find out why I left, talk to Every.
[11:07:21PM] <UmbraSG> I’m busy with homework and I don’t have time to have fun with you. Try me some other time.
[11:07:32PM] <Baka-chan> I know why you left.
[11:07:40PM] <Baka-chan> Would you like your EXACT words?
[11:07:56PM] <Baka-chan> Or shall I paraphrase?
[11:13:24PM] <Baka-chan> Ahh! Found it.
[11:13:32PM] <Baka-chan> I believe you said this to every….
[11:13:33PM] <Baka-chan> [06:50pm] <UmbraSG> as of today, you can remove me from all lists of Animextacy. I am quiting.
[11:13:33PM] <Baka-chan> [06:51pm] <UmbraSG> Sorry, man. I’ve had enough from Shibbz and Baka.
[11:13:52PM] <Baka-chan> Lack of provocation skills indeed.
[11:14:40PM] <Baka-chan> btw, there’s TWO ‘T’s in quitting.

That, was the last I heard of Umbra. Except for the racial slur filled comments left on the blog here. Oh yeah, and occasionally getting my UD definition for him removed.


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