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10/18/07 @ 01:05:44 pm, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 329 words, 1207 views  

I’m sure you all remember how I used to have google ads after the first couple posts… Well, I think that only ever made me like $11.04 xD On the other hand, Play-Asia has made me at least a hundred bucks or so. And I haven’t really been pushing it at all. You also all probably know that I can always use the money…

That said, I’m going to be adding an advertisement system to the site with the next wave of updates. There will be a banner at the top of the page, a banner between the latest posts and the collapsed posts, and some affiliate buttons down in the links area.

Basically, this is how it is… I will NEVER advertise a product or service I wouldn’t use myself. (Or at the very least, something I think is really good, even if it’s not quite my thing.)

Either I find a site or product that I like or approve of… Or they send me a sample for my evaluation, and I dig it… Then they offer or I sign up for an affiliate arrangement of some sort.

So there it is.

To potential advertisers:
Basically, what I said above. If you want me to pimp a product or service to my community, it’s gotta be good enough to either be something I’d use, or at least deem good enough for my people. Seeing as how I’m a poor struggling artist…your best bet is to send me something to evaluate (Goods), offer me some kind of try-out (Services), or otherwise make yourselves known to me. (Sites, etc.) Products or gift certificates for GPMoD giveaways are always welcome too.

Our demographic looks like this: fairly hardcore gamers and anime connoisseurs, pretty much all of whom are also serious computer geeks, and several of whom, myself included, are creative types with certain high-end needs.

Also, any webcomics or other sites of gaming/anime-related interest are welcome to offer link swaps.


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