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09/27/07 @ 07:55:05 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 878 words, 3231 views  

So, I’ve had this fucking Aiptek 12x9 utter POS tablet for a couple years now, but almost never use it because it SUCKS. And this morning, for the second time in as many months, I went on a rampage searching for the stylus to see if the new drivers make it any less of a POS. The following took place in #moe… (Log after the jump…because it’s huge.)


[09.27/04.47.33] <+Swift> xD
[09.27/04.47.41] <+Baka-chan> ^o^ v
[09.27/04.47.44] <+Baka-chan> bui!
[09.27/04.48.07] <+Baka-chan> I found the MOTHERFUCKING stylus to my MOTHERFUCKING cheapass SONOFABITCH tablet.
[09.27/04.48.13] <+Baka-chan> After SIX FUCKING MONTHS
[09.27/04.48.22] <+Swift> Roflmao.
[09.27/04.48.50] <+Baka-chan> omg
[09.27/04.48.54] <+Baka-chan> OH MY GOD
[09.27/04.48.58] <+Baka-chan> SON OF A BITCH
[09.27/04.49.04] <+Baka-chan> THERE’S NO BATTERY IN IT!
[09.27/04.49.17] <+Baka-chan> Now you must all die.
[09.27/04.49.23] <+Baka-chan> o_o
[09.27/04.49.29] <+Swift> It must be even cheaper than I thought
[09.27/04.49.51] <+Baka-chan> Yes, I’m not talking Graphire cheap…that would at least still be a fucking Wacom.
[09.27/04.49.59] <+Swift> lol
[09.27/04.50.08] <+Baka-chan> I’m talking ‘Paid $100 for a 12x9 tablet’ cheap.
[09.27/04.50.13] <+Swift> xD;
[09.27/04.50.37] <+Baka-chan> I don’t know why I’m so happy to have found it anyway, I’m just going to be reminded why it cost $100.
[09.27/04.50.43] <+Baka-chan> Fucking thing doesn’t hardly work.
[09.27/04.50.51] <+Baka-chan> Fuck the Taiwanese.
[09.27/04.50.58] <+Baka-chan> FUCK THEM IN THEIR STUPID STUPID EARS.
[09.27/04.51.27] <+Swift> Stop buying Genius brand tablets D:
[09.27/04.51.40] <+Baka-chan> lol
[09.27/04.51.43] <+Baka-chan> It’s Aiptek :P
[09.27/04.51.57] <+Baka-chan> I wonder if their $300 LCD tablet is still as shitty as this POS.

Probably is… Gah.

[09.27/04.52.18] <+Baka-chan> I’m still saving up for a fucking cintiq 21UX. Because there is no god.
[09.27/04.52.46] <+Baka-chan> A just and loving god would have inspired the fuckers at Wacom to lower the price on the thing after THREE FUCKING YEARS.
[09.27/04.52.50] <+Swift> xD
[09.27/04.52.55] <+Baka-chan> But no, it’s still $2499
[09.27/04.53.04] <+Swift> A just and loving god would have inspired the Baka-chan to just steal a Cintiq
[09.27/04.53.15] <+Baka-chan> Are you kidding?
[09.27/04.53.23] <+Baka-chan> I fucking would if I knew where I could FIND ONE
[09.27/04.53.48] <+Baka-chan> If I ever saw one in the flesh, it would just fucking disappear under my trenchcoat.
[09.27/04.53.54] <+Baka-chan> Even from like twenty feet away.
[09.27/04.53.56] <+Baka-chan> Just fucking GONE.
[09.27/04.53.59] <+Swift> lol
[09.27/04.54.17] <+Baka-chan> Even if I already _had_ one!
[09.27/04.54.25] <+Baka-chan> It’s natural law.
[09.27/04.54.39] <+Baka-chan> …or theoretical physics…
[09.27/04.54.43] <+Baka-chan> Spooky theft at a distance.
[09.27/04.55.47] <+Swift> lol @ bending laws of physics just to get a Cintiq

I want a Cintiq so bad I can taste it…it tastes like…plastics.

[09.27/05.11.48] <+Baka-chan> o damn.
[09.27/05.11.51] <+Baka-chan> I forgot something.
[09.27/05.14.11] <+Swift> Hm?
[09.27/05.15.38] <+Baka-chan> I forgot something really important. D:

…wait for it…

[09.27/05.15.40] <+Baka-chan>
[09.27/05.15.53] <+Baka-chan> I CAN’T FUCKING DRAW!!!
[09.27/05.15.58] <+Swift> LOL XD
[09.27/05.17.23] <+Swift> stickman couch porn, tsk tsk
[09.27/05.19.45] <+Baka-chan> Could be worse.
[09.27/05.20.20] <+Swift> Stop making excuses D:
[09.27/05.20.26] <+Baka-chan> I could be using Comic Studio to create CRAPTASTROPHIC shit like Samuron does.
[09.27/05.20.38] <+Baka-chan>
[09.27/05.21.08] <+Baka-chan> He bugged me for WEEKS to send him Comic Studio 3.0 EX.
[09.27/05.21.14] <+Baka-chan> …and this is the thanks I get.
[09.27/05.21.31] <+Baka-chan> He might as well have taken a huge steaming shit on my keyboard.
[09.27/05.21.33] <+Swift> xD
[09.27/05.21.48] <+Baka-chan> One day, I will end him. And in the moments before he dies, I will tell him…
[09.27/05.21.52] <+Baka-chan> …THIS IS FOR THE ACTION DESK!
[09.27/05.21.59] <+Baka-chan> *BLAM*
[09.27/05.22.40] <+Baka-chan> It’s the totally crappy and misused speedlines that make it art.
[09.27/05.23.11] <+Baka-chan> Or maybe all the 3dlt clipart that he placed all over using completely different perspectives…
[09.27/05.23.15] <+Baka-chan> …I’m not sure.
[09.27/05.23.32] <+Swift> lol

Totally unrelated, hey Samuron…which one of these houses is yours? Why? Uhh, no reason.

[09.27/05.23.34] <+Swift> >_>
[09.27/05.23.57] * +Swift patiently and eagerly waits for Baka-chan’s 4komas
[09.27/05.28.01] <+Baka-chan> It’ll be a long fucking wait. The most likely way that I will end up making a comic is to make all the characters in 3d and render lineart from them…and I really, really, REALLY, can’t be arsed.
[09.27/05.28.20] <+Swift> lol

Several minutes later… (Yes, really.)

[09.27/05.40.11] <+Baka-chan> Okay okay.
[09.27/05.40.15] <+Baka-chan> I added tone this time.
[09.27/05.40.22] <+Baka-chan> TOTALLY FUCKIN PRO!
[09.27/05.40.32] <+Baka-chan>
[09.27/05.41.15] <+Swift> lol
[09.27/05.41.15] <+Swift> xD
[09.27/05.41.45] <+Swift> milo would be proud
[09.27/05.42.08] <+Baka-chan> Stop encouraging me. D;
[09.27/05.43.01] <+Baka-chan> You do realize that if I ever put actual effort into it and drew a webcomic, the universe would explode, right?

And for those of you coming into this from outside my circle…and actually reading this far after obviously being tricked into clicking a link… ‘fuck yo couch’ is an all-purpose catchphrase used by milo of #moe.


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