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Project Baka'cade - Part 1 - Baka'troller

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There’s really nothing to say about the construction of this, it was so easy… Just a matter of cutting the ATX cables in half, tinning the wires on one end and putting them in the terminals on the controller board, taking the other ends, crimping quick-disconnect terminals onto them… Taking the buttons and stick and mounting them in a piece of cardboard, attaching all the wires… And done. Easy-peasy. The first prototype used the side of the box for a popcorn popper I got a week or two ago… It was pretty pathetic. xD

Someone set up us the bomb!
Somehow even messier.
The board.
Controller wiring.
First prototype complete.
Ready to play!

I got a big sheet of foamcore and cut it to size for the second prototype. The wiring is much better this time, too.

Second prototype wiring.
Finished prototype.

After that, I stuck the board inside the box with just the USB cable snaking out, and taped the foamcore down so it didn’t move about.

I fired up Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, picked Ibuki, and came up against one of the HK twins… Totally demolished his ass. Executed Ibuki’s special flawlessly at the end to win for a PERFECT. I’ve never GOTTEN a perfect. (The machine was set for Difficulty Level 4, higher than factory default.)

Next I’m going to make a real housing for it out of particle board. With T-molding and everything. Stay tuned!

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