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Project Baka'cade - Part 1 - Baka'troller

09/17/07 @ 07:10:16 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Life of Baka, Pretty Pictures, Baka-chan on Games, Project Baka'cade, 797 words, 6525 views  

So, I did some looking around, and I found GroovyGameGear, makers of a nifty little USB interface card called the GPWiz32. A bus-powered 32-input controller board that turns simple microswitch inputs into a USB gamepad/HID. They also, of course, carry damn near everything else you’ll need to make a controller.

Next, I needed to decide on a design… Keeping in mind that even though I’m just making a controller for now, the real goal is to make a cabinet, I set out to decide on what it was I wanted. I really like the Neo-Geo MVS cabinets… They look really slick. Especially the 25″ monitor units with their traditional arcade cabinet stylings and the rather simple yet elegant Neo-Geo scheme of red white and black.

I weighed various design considerations and decided the following,

  1. The machine will actually take coins/tokens.

  2. It will have interchangeable control panels.

  3. The initial emphasis would be on fighting games. (Thus a fighting control scheme will be made first.)

  4. It will look exactly like a Neo-Geo MVS 25″ cab, but a little wider, because I wanted a 27″ screen.

  5. It will have slightly customized logos, a play on the original MVS markings.

  6. It will kick all ass.

So, for a controller layout, I decided on the MVS’ colored A, B, C, and D button layout, but with an additional 3 black buttons under B, C, and D, to facilitate the standard Capcom 6 button fighter layout as well. Illustration

To facilitate quick connection/disconnection of control panels, I came up with an interesting idea… ATX-style 20-pin molex connectors. Okay, it’s time to go buy stuff!

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