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Kamichu! is a fun feel-good series about a middle-school girl named Hitotsubashi Yurie, who discovers that she has become a god. (Or 'kami', in the Shinto sense.) The series is deeply rooted in Shinto beliefs, with every thing and every place having its own 'kami' and this world of gods invisibly affecting the lives of people.

The series aired in 2004, and I somehow never saw any of it. It is now, with the release of Volume 3, nearly released in its entirety in the US by Geneon Entertainment. (Still no word on whether they're going to release the 720p versions that aired in Japan on either next-gen DVD format.)

I like the music and the art. The animation is very well executed. The story is fun and a definite change of pace from some of the other things I've been watching lately. It gets the nod as a 'Baka-chan Approved' anime. Whether or not you understand some of the more subtle humor, you'll enjoy this series.

Some Trivia!
The town the series takes place in is a faithfully reproduced version of the very real town of Onomichi, located in Hiroshima Prefecture.

There's a lot of fun with names and kanji going on here. First of all, the Saegusa family doesn't seem very imaginative... They run the local shrine, and named their two daughters Matsuri and Miko? (For the uninitiated, Matsuri means 'festival', the kind of thing that is typically a function of local shrines. And Miko means 'shrine maiden'.)

In one of the early episodes, Kenji calls Yurie 'Ichihashi', and she remarks to Matsuri and Mitsue that he finally remembered her name. ('Hitotsubashi'.) Now, from his perspective as a calligrapher, he did. They're both written with the same kanji... ^^;

Some more name fun... The first kanji of the family names of the four main characters, Hitotsubashi Yurie (一橋 ゆりえ), Ninomiya Kenji (二宮 健児), Saegusa Matsuri (三枝 祀), and Shijyo Mitsue (四条 光恵), are the kanji for one, two, three, and four, respectively. (一, 二, 三, 四)


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