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Some cool pictures

04/22/06 @ 02:32:26 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, Pretty Pictures, 288 words, 1299 views  

Back when we had our POS Fuji FinePix point-and-shoot camera, my father took this great picture of a kayaker going over the falls on Otter Creek. Really cool stuff.

So, ever since we got our new EOS 350D, I've been waiting for the warmer weather to come so I could have an opportunity to shoot something similar. The opportunity came this afternoon when a spotted a pair of kayaks going down the river from the kitchen window. I immediately got my stuff together and ran out to the bottom of the falls to see if I could get some good pictures.

Yes...and no. It seems I can take pictures of buildings and flowers okay, but something like that? Not so much. It didn't help that I forgot some of the more important features of the camera, like Continuous Shooting mode... So I only got a few pics out to begin with...and apparently there were some stealth trees obscuring the better ones. (We're talking some ninja trees here.)

Yeah, I fail. _| ̄|○

Anyway, You-guys-whose-names-I-failed-to-remember-for-a-whole-ten-minutes, drop me a line at - r e m o v e d - so I can give proper credit and whatnot despite my typically addled nature. Thanks for the email, sorry I haven't gotten around to replying yet.

I'm going to be putting the few good pics I managed to snap up on the Tangible Imagination gallery when I go and update it so I can make it publicly accessible in a real way. (As I'm still in the process of kicking the tires on it.) That goes for all you GPMoD people, too! See what some people are out doing while we're playing our video games and watching anime!

(link to gallery still pending)


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