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no more bakachan... orz

04/01/06 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Life of Baka, News, Site News, 184 words, 1050 views  

lol! so liek smthng happnd 2 me 2day and bcuz of it i decided 2 stop acting better then every1 else bcuz i figured out that i rly am just a wapanese afteral so im gon stop pretending i know everythng and stop watching anime accept dbz and naruto bcuz naruto iz awesome evn teh dub is rly rly good i also kidna liek the dub for one peice i thing 4kids rly naild it

im sry 4 bing a ass all teh time expecialy to umbra vincent every samuron tfx n-bomb enron and jakoavain who r rly my mst awesome frends

ps i also bought a nintendo ds im sry bomb you were rite it is much better then my psp the gamez r teh gr8est!!!!!!111 im gona sell my psp when i get a ipod 4 my muzik lol useles sony junk looool

pss im changng teh name of dis sight to somethink less stoopid looolz and my nick is going 2 b ssj|sasuke cuz thatd b awesome lolololol

i need moar naruto!!!! cu ppl l8r im gona go watch a marithon of dbz


nani sore?
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