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12/26/05 @ 04:40:55 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, GPMoD People, 197 words, 1298 views  

A couple days ago I banned Samuron/Sammyron/Sammy/Sumoron/Eji/Fuckup from #GPMoD for not getting rid of an idiot-ass script that makes him say 'lusting over lolis' everytime he types 'lol'... The next day, I get this in a query window:

[12.25/17.01.59] <Eji> hay
[12.25/17.02.07] <Eji> is there a way you can download a umd
[12.25/17.02.08] <Eji> and somehow
[12.25/17.02.13] <Eji> MAKE IT WORK ON PC to watch
[12.25/17.03.05] <Eji> cuz i came acrosst the ajikan umd on usenet
[12.25/17.10.02] <Eji> also
[12.25/17.10.19] <Eji> how do i accessed

This involves countless levels of wtf, not the least of which is, this is pretty retarded even by Sumoron standards. Did he really devolve that much in the day he wasn't in the channel? Was the anti-stupid I radiate the only thing keeping his MASSIVE BRAIN TUMOR at bay? I will ponder these things... Meanwhile, EDGE SAMURON HAS HEREBY BEEN DETERMINED TO BE A DANGER TO ALL SENTIENT LIFE, CONTACT WITH HIM MUST BE MINIMIZED, AND REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO PROPER AUTHORITIES. (For example, a Genepool Lifeguard, or a Paladin of The Order of Ninety-Nine.)


nani sore?
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