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Baka-chan on: Starship Operators

01/23/05 @ 10:09:21 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 395 words, 1035 views  

Obviously, I grabbed the first episode because of the name... it's a great show, with an original idea. (I am now watching each episode as it airs.)

Now, this is sort of spoiler-ish... But it's hard to describe the show without describing the first episode a little.

A handful of Defense Academy cadets are on a training mission; the shakedown cruise of the escort ship Amaterasu. (Incase you're wondering, it's named for the Sun Goddess, Amaterasuoomikami) The ship returns home, to the planet Kibi...they find out that the Kingdom of Henrietta has declared war on Kibi, and the government promptly surrendered. Not before the escort ship Maizuru was destroyed, however. The Amaterasu is to stand down, and remain in orbit to be disarmed, so it can be handed over to the enemy.

As the actual crew of the Amaterasu begin evacuating the ship...the cadets, frustrated with their government's quick surrender, and wanting to avenge the Maizuru, plot to take over the ship and fight the Kingdom's forces. They have no illusions as to the practicality or chance of success of this plan. (Unlike the case in most anime.)

I really appreciate the realistic approach to space combat. It doesn't take much to destroy a ship, and so far I haven't seen any unrealistic weapons. Railguns, plasma, lasers... And the combat itself is very well handled. Since it doesn't take much to destroy a ship, most of the suspense is in firing ranges, predicting enemy movements, and other tactical concerns. it's sort of like a submarine movie, in that respect. I liked the combat in the Kin of The Stars Saga (Seikai no Monshou, Seikai no Senki, Seikai no Senki II), this is far less frenetic than that. It's like a game of chess, it's all about tactics. Sometimes, the battle is over the instant the first shot is fired.

The art is very high quality, and the character designs sort of remind me of Noir; a balance between realism and anime-stylized.

The music is awesome. The score is very well-applied, and the op/ed are very good to listen to.

Starship Operators is one of my picks for the season. Give it a watch. (Raws and subs available via bittorrent from It is as-of-yet unlicensed. However, it's a Geneon Entertainment show, so don't bet on it remaining that way for long.


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