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Impending Doom

11/20/10 @ 09:21:49 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 70 words, 2544 views  

Okay, computer is squared away (Mostly), something work-like is on its way to being accomplished, now I just need to come up with $120 before December to pay my hosting.

I’m so glad Dreamhost went ahead and gave me an extra month, even though I said I’d pay half in a week, and the other half a week or so later… Because things got worse after I talked to them, heh.

IRC Quote of The Week

11/20/10 @ 09:12:44 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, 108 words, 2621 views  

I felt a disturbance in the force and climbed out of bed to find people being stupid on the internet… As usual, I arrived at just the right time to deliver my internet vigilante justice.

[11.20/20.55.18] <+Khenjy> do you seriously think i will switch my audio decoder
[11.20/20.55.26] <+Khenjy> just because it actually makes it sound better?
[11.20/20.57.56] <%Bakamoichigei> Khenjy.
[11.20/20.58.46] <%Bakamoichigei> I have been in the channels of Shinsen, Animejunkies, a half dozen rip groups from last decade, warez channels, and the help channel on ETG.
[11.20/20.58.56] <%Bakamoichigei> And that is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen someone say on IRC.


nani sore?
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