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11/13/10 @ 11:41:41 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 442 words, 2449 views  

Well, motherboard and memory arrived. It was smaller than I expected. 2/3rds the size of the old board. Installed the hexacore and memory, dropped it into the case, got everything wired up (Oh god the clean wiring job I can do with the P182SE…) got it booted up, and amazingly enough, it recognized the array from the old computer and was able to mount it. Tried booting from it for shits and giggles, and sure enough the hardware difference made Windows shit itself all over the place. So, I did a clean install on a pair of 500GB drives in RAID1, which is what I wanted to maybe transfer the old install to. Fastest Win7 Ultimate install ever. God damn. Didn’t even bother getting everything installed. Went straight to CrazyTown. Rebooted into the BIOS, started OCing. First, a modest bump from 3.20GHz to 3.60GHz. No problem, perfectly stable. Didn’t even have to bump the VCore. Played around with that a while. Decided I wanted to try MOAR POWAA. After trial and error with VCore, I got a perfectly stable 4.0GHz. Only problem is, with the stock cooler and not enough fans (I need to buy new fans, the old ones were all fucked.) it’ll BSOD on long renders after a while. (When it can’t crank the PWM fan up any higher and it gets stupid-hot.) The lack of the full 8GB of memory also hurts my rendering ability.

Heat problems aside, it’s perfectly stable. Let me say that again…


Gotta admit, that’s pretty impressive.

Everything screams now. Even games that I couldn’t play at full resolution run fine now at full res, with FSAA and everything. I doubled my old 3DMark06 score, and that’s pretty impressive considering I only have half the memory, my videocard OC isn’t enabled, and I can only get 16-by-4 on the PCI-E, and not 16-by-16 like my old machine. Hell, everything plays like I have a new videocard…though such an upgrade will have to wait.

At any rate, I turned it back down to 3.60GHz until I can do something about the cooling.

Now I just need to tear ASUS a new arsehole over the defective RMA’d motherboard, and somehow pay my electric bill and webhosting despite having had to spend ‘all the money I have’ TWICE to get my primary computer back. At least I can get back to work now.

After I take care of all the bills, next on the agenda is a new cooler, more case fans, and another pair of DDR3. Then I’ll be up to spec again and ready to kick ass and take names.


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