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11/12/10 @ 11:57:33 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 493 words, 2416 views  

Just found myself watching the 5th episode of Cowboy Bebop for what is probably the 700th time, but the first time in a couple years. The audio in the remastered version is growing on me. Especially the gunfights, and the 5.1 re-mixed music.

But what really struck me is, with all the anime I’ve seen, new and old, that episode, especially the B-part, is some of the finest anime ever committed to video. What happened to good anime?

As things stand, these are the typical show archetypes you see every season:

  • Insipid moe fluff show that will make a fortune in merchandising.
  • Slightly less insipid moe fluff show that won’t be as popular.
  • Sequel to insipid moe fluff show from last season.
  • Mecha show with stock characters and even more stock story. (aka 22-minute gunpla advertisement)
  • Children’s show.
  • What appears to be a children’s show but is actually aimed at pedophiles and creepy otaku.
  • Mediocre mahou shoujo that will go on for three seasons for no apparent reason.
  • Terrible show based on a visual novel no one could understand but all claim to like anyway for the nerdcred.
  • Show based loosely on 2ch in-joke no one gets.
  • Harem show.
  • Harem show with bigger tits.
  • Reverse harem show.
  • Ridiculous gender-bending show.
  • Ill-conceived joint project involving Western property.
  • Just plain ill-conceived project.
  • Something that would be great if it had a budget higher than the average lunch run to the konbini.
  • Something that would be good, but ultimately squanders its potential for one reason or another.
  • Thinly-veiled pornography.
  • Thinly-veiled incest pornography.
  • Thinly-veiled child pornograpy. (Probably redundant given the last two and the ‘Anime-18-year-old rule’)

Do you detect a pattern developing? If you said “Yes, anime sucks.” you win a cookie. I’m sorry, but shows like K-On! have ruined anime. I think, or at least I HOPE, that this is the fault of the industry, and not otaku. I want to believe that otaku aren’t dead-set against good shows, and that the studios are just SCARED TO DEATH of producing anything but their current style of cash-cow show. But considering the kind of stupid behavior otaku are constantly exhibiting these days, I may be deluding myself.

I really think the only chance we have for seeing a good anime, is if someone comes in from outside the industry with the goal of producing something genuinely good, not trying to make a fortune, not even caring if it will be popular. But just trying to produce a GOOD STORY.

The problem is, this pretty much needs to be a 100% indie development, because no studio would do it. Of course, then you can’t get it on TV. But god dammit. There HAS TO BE A WAY TO BREAK THE CYCLE. If we can just get one genuinely good show back out there, and have people like it, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, the industry will stop producing season after season of nothing but garbage.

Fuck it. Don’t care anymore.

I have reached the end of me...

11/12/10 @ 01:29:53 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 413 words, 2301 views  

Ugh. So, I got my sister’s PSU, only it didn’t matter because it didn’t have the 8-pin EPS12V plug that my motherboard needs. So I went back to trying my PSU one last time. I was examining the board very closely, when I noticed the unmistakable smell of hot semiconductors. So I started poking around, until…sure enough, I burned my goddamn finger on an overheating voltage regulator.

I fired off a very stern e-mail to ASUS tech support saying flatly that I’ve been unable to work for a month because of this BS and they sent me a bum board, and I WANT TO TALK TO SOMEONE HIGHER UP THAN A CSR. Especially considering this board may have fried everything I put in it.

They tell me to call their level two support, since it was a ‘repaired board’. Would now be a good time to mention it’s NOT EVEN MY BOARD? It’s got a sticker on it with the same serial number…but it’s not in the same place, or the same sticker. I should know, I have photos of mine.

Fuck it. They’ve dicked me around enough. I had access to JUST ENOUGH money to get a cheap mobo and some memory (Since I ended up getting a board that takes DDR3) so fuck ‘em. I’m done. I’m getting my computer back up and running, getting shit back to normal, and THEN I’ll deal with those shits. Since at that point it won’t matter how long it takes, I can concentrate on resolving the issue to my satisfaction.

The only problem is, a new motherboard probably won’t be able to access my system drives…which means all the things I was working on. It’s always some damn thing, isn’t it? Speaking of which, I’m about 8 episodes into Uchuu Senkan Yamato… There’s always SOMETHING wrong with that damn ship, even before you get to the fact that someone’s always trying to blow them up. It’s like watching the 1970s anime version of Star Trek: Voyager. I still love it though.

At any rate, UPS should be delivering my new parts in approximately 12 hours, so here’s hoping! btw, I love ordering stuff from Newegg. More often than not, it will ship from their warehouses in Edison, NJ which means overnight UPS regardless of what shipping I go with. (In this case, free!)

I just want my real computer back… Got so much stuff to talk about…and even more to DO.


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