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10/05/10 @ 01:42:57 am, Categories: Site News, 346 words, 2441 views  

So, it’s been like 5 months since I posted…

A lot has happened, and yet nothing has happened. That is to say, I’ve made remarkable progress on countless things, but none of it has reached any sort of completion.

I am DEFINITELY gearing up to relaunch the site though. I’m going to tear it all down and put up a brand spanking new Wordpress site with new content, and slowly start porting over the best of the old posts. (I will make the current blog available somewhere though.)

To keep things simple, I’ll have categories based on my interests and hobbies such as “Games", “Anime", “Arcade", “Roleplaying", “Writing", “Drawing", “Electronics", “Making Stuff", etc. as well as things like “News", “Life of Baka", and “Projects". Then everything will be tagged with further descriptors like “Rant", “Review", “How-To", “Discussion", etc.

I’m even going to add a category for food. Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a pretty good cook, and I take it very seriously, and I have my own way of doing a lot of stuff. Even in the IRC channel, I often speak of food and how I go about making it. So I figure it’d be cool to preserve that stuff by sharing it on the site!

The site will have a cool header image that is a mosaic of random category images. And then when you’re viewing a category, it’s a random selection of the images for that particular category. I’m also going to come up with a script that makes the frontpage take any link that is meant for this old blog, and either pass it on to the archive, or redirect to the reposted version if there is one.

Anyway, I promise that I’ll do my best to have the new site ready-ish this month! That way, it can be up and running just in time for my hosting to be locked for non-payment. -_-; Yeah, I owe $120 right now for a year of hosting, and I have no idea how I’m going to come up with that this month. orz


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