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On the passage of time and bad jokes

01/15/10 @ 10:21:35 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Life of Baka, 646 words, 1287 views  

Well, it’s that time of year again. I was going to make a joke where I write— at length —about an ‘extraordinary individual whose birthday is quickly approaching’, saying “What? Did you think I was talking about Mozart?"… But as Lewis Black would say, “I’m just not that fucking funny.”

Yes, for those who don’t know, my birthday— January 27th —is also the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who would be 254 this year if he was, well, a vampire…or something…I guess…ANYWAY! That’s all irrelevant because I couldn’t be bothered to write the joke which I have now explained anyway, in far too much detail, PUTTING THAT ASIDE, I just thought I’d write about what it is I’ve been doing.

Among other things, I’ve had an extensive e-mail conversation with Jason von Nieda, the guy who built a clock based on my design. We talked a bit about what it would take to make more. Right now, I’m waiting on a new drillpress so I can finish my CNC machine, as I might be able to make the clock enclosures and stuff.

I’ve been doing a bit more drawing lately, but I’ve been trying not to get too involved as there are things I really need to be doing…and am still not, even when I don’t draw… So really, I need to quit fucking up.

Speaking of fucking up, last night, our camera took a header off the top of my computer case for no discernible reason, landing on my foot, and then the floor… I call bullshit. It gets to fall on my foot, OR break. Not both. NEVER BOTH!!! Anyway, it broke the UV filter (That’s what it’s there for.) and jammed my 35mm lens. Luckily the camera is okay, and the lens seems like it will work correctly once I pop the moving bits back into the right position. So if I’m real lucky, I’m only out a $7.99 UV filter which fulfilled its destiny and took one for my glass.

I’ve started collecting the original Graphic-sha published How To Draw Manga books for my birthday. I already had a couple, but I managed to scrape together enough to buy another ~25 of the books in various states of ‘used’ condition. (Nine of which have arrived so far.) I even managed to snag an OOP book that some assholes are trying to sell for $280 and up, when someone put one on the Amazon Marketplace for $12.99 (I bought it within like 10 minutes of it being posted.)

I’ve seen people trying to sell some of these books for as much as $900~1200, and that really pisses me off. Someone should take action to undercut these assholes, like releasing PDFs of the OOP books. No one should have to pay that much, and the publisher doesn’t get any money either, since they’re all used copies! Given that a lot of the unavailable and ridiculously priced books are both fairly new, and very good/useful, it really is a frustrating situation and people who try and charge that much are basically human garbage. This isn’t commerce, it’s taking advantage of people. Don’t ask me why, but it seems harder to buy a How to Draw Manga book from ~2007 than it is to buy one from ~2000. And things like the ‘How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style’ series are very recent and up-to-date in art style and seem to be better written as well.

Anyway, enough about that, I’m not really doing anything special for my birthday but hopefully I’ll have some projects gaining momentum come the end of February. And on the off chance that anyone wants to help me complete my collection of HTDM books, there’s still quite a few cheap ones on my Amazon wishlist. (I only ask that they not be ‘ex-library’ copies and that they still have their dust jackets.)


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