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Operation Fireball

11/14/09 @ 11:02:47 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, 428 words, 1280 views  

Some other things I have going on now include a plan to make a sophisticated RGB lighting solution for the figma Drossel figure from Max Factory. Until last week, I thought Drossel was just Hatsune Miku as a robot, lol.

Drossel— or Drossel Juno Vierzehntens Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel —is one of the characters in the short animation series ‘Fireball’, run on the Disney channel in Japan. The show itself is rather hilarious, being somewhat nonsensical and centered around jokes involving wordplay and the occasional non-sequitur, although towards the end hinting at some more serious story about an impending human invasion of the robot city. (Granted the series of 13 2-minute shorts spans like 200 years, but whatever.) It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

And there WILL be more. The show has a huge cult following, surprising given that the whole series adds up to less than a single episode of anime. It just so happens that Drossel is now one of the most popular figmas ever. Considering that earlier entries in the line include various versions of the casts of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and Lucky Star, that’s saying something. (I want the goddamn Golgo 13 figma. Duke Togo is the baddest motherfucker in existence.)

This little project started when someone linked to a post on about adding lights to a Drossel figure, and I made comments about how easy that would be and how cool it would be to do it with RGB LEDs and whatnot, and he immediately commissioned me to make a version of what we were looking at for his, for $20. Basically a 20mm coincell holder wired to an LED, and it’s got a peg glued to it so Drossel can wear it like a backpack using the hole for attaching her to the figma stand. (Which is unnecessary most of the time as she can stand up pretty well on her own, hell I’ve seen people put her in unsupported hand-stands just fine.) It just occurred to me as I was writing this that I never took any pictures of it though… ^^;;

I took some wirewrap wire, bought some wide-angle white LEDs from eBay, took a battery holder and an SMD switch I already had, and went to town on it. Glued a small bit of gunpla polycap runner to it for the peg, and it was done. Oh well, I’ll take pictures when I make a second one for myself. (I ordered a figure of my own with the help of his $20, from Otacute)

Cleaning house...

11/14/09 @ 10:28:38 pm, Categories: Site News, 67 words, 1133 views  

Just doing a little website housecleaning tonight…if only it were so easy to clean my apartment. ;[

I have pretty much all my obligations (Except re-paying Ed) out of the way, which means I’ll be free to pursue my own idle projects. First thing, will probably be to wipe this site. Maintain this blog in a frozen state somewhere, and make a new Wordpress blog for GPMoD.


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