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10/20/09 @ 11:46:57 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Retro Kikaku, 407 words, 1073 views  

Hmm, let’s see here… What have I had going on?

Well, a couple posts ago, I talked about being burnt-out and needing some ‘me-time’. I ended up quitting my ‘job’. The conditions had changed dramatically. I went from holding up my end without killing myself, to there not being enough work that I was actually capable of doing (Because the senior staff joined the junior staff in taking all the easy and low-level support tickets) and me spending so much time trying and failing to meet my performance expectations that I was literally doing NOTHING ELSE with my time. So I just determined that it wasn’t worth it anymore. I basically took two weeks and just completely put it out of my head, and guess what? I GOT THINGS DONE! Not only that, but I got SO MUCH stuff done, that the benefits outweighed what I was getting from the job.

Anyway, still waiting on a couple replacement SRAM chips so I can fix the 1-slot NEO-GEO board I spoke of in a previous post. I was at least able to get my 4-slot board to boot; it used to just show a bunch of random garbage on the monitor… After looking it over like ten times, I finally noticed a missing capacitor. Replaced it, it worked…but there’s something wrong with the graphics still…

I also managed to rewire my standard JAMMA wiring harness with all the modular connectors that an MVS harness has, and make all the additional harnesses that hook up to it, so now I can swap my test rig (a.k.a. the UNCABINET) between single slot MVS boards (And any standard JAMMA arcade boards) and my multislot boards, by only swapping 6 connectors (1P and 2P controls, Video, Speakers, Power, Test/Service) instead of the 50+ connections I’d have to swap to completely switch harnesses. (Now both use the MVS harness’ control-panel harness through a pair of 15-pin connectors.)

I moved all my arcade stuff into a corner of the livingroom and took this picture before cleaning up and moving this bookcase into the corner. The state of my collection hasn’t changed much.

Yesterday, I was watching a free 2-hour web seminar on cartoon illustration and concept sketching… So of course, I couldn’t find my tablet stylus. (I actually managed to find it, after an hour, by bitching on IRC about it in the right channel….it was in front of the monitor)

In Progress...

10/03/09 @ 07:48:56 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 512 words, 1039 views  

Blegh. Yes, that’s a pretty good description for it. Not my greatest day ever.

I found out that a bottle of sumi ink had spilled all over my desk…luckily this only made a puddle on my desk and glued a stand of DVDs together. Considering that all this was buried under half the stuff on my desk, it could have been worse.

I finally got my hands on some Chip Quik, and after fighting with it for a not-insignificant amount of time, I finally figured it out and got some chips removed from one of my ’spare’ NEO-GEO boards, then I removed the bad lower Backup SRAM from the board I wanted to fix… All went well, if not fidgety, putting the chip on the board, only when I booted it up, it turned out I had removed the WRONG SRAM…ontop of which, the one I replaced the good chip with was also bad… So I remove the new bad chip, the old bad chip, replace the good one I accidentally removed, and soldered on another ’spare’… Now both memory locations are coming up wrong in the hardware test…

Fuck it, I said. I decided to try and get my mostly-working 2-slot board fixed…but nothing I found was a problem. There were some areas that looked like bad traces, but there was continuity across them. I also started working on soldering jumper wires into a JAMMA harness adapter I was making, but gave up because that wasn’t going right either.

About the only thing I actually managed to do was take my old damaged KoF’97 cart and replace my original jumper repairs with some proper a proper ‘blue wire fix’ using wirewrap wire. (And it was actually blue, too!) My ass, legs, and back hurt from sitting on the stupid uncomfortable stool, hunched over the worktable, and all I can smell is the goddamn flux I was using.

I was also drawing something as a birthday present for someone, but it turned out I was out of paper to print it on, so I had to order some more…it’ll be here IN A WEEK. (And I already waited several days so I’d have the money to ship it.)

About the only un-terrible thing that happened today was that my mom found me the coolest damn thing. A nearly 40-year old Crosman Mark I .22cal pellet gun. IN THE ORIGINAL BOX! I can tell it’s at least 34 years old because in the middle of 1975 they started making a more idiot-proof version. They changed the design of the CO2 cylinder piercing mechanism, because people apparently couldn’t read instructions correctly, but more importantly…later versions removed the velocity adjustment screw, and damped the gun down to a lower setting. (People were leaving it wide open and complaining about not getting many shots from each CO2 cartridge) So, I’d say that it’s a very suitable gift for me, being the version that isn’t dumbed down. Shoots real nice, too. And it’s solid and heavy as a bastard!

Think I’ll retreat to bed… ~_~


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