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03/11/09 @ 09:42:17 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 118 words, 755 views  

Feeling marvelous now, compared to a couple days ago, thanks for asking.

Before I make any new posts, I just wanted to detail what’s going on…

  1. I never talked about the Wacom Cintiq 21UX I got. Need to do that.

  2. My dad and I are working on building a CNC machine, and we’re almost done. Details when that picks up.

  3. I got some more NEO-GEO stuff, as well as getting caught up on pictures of stuff I already had.

  4. I want to talk more about my totally bitchin’ R/C car.

I have a lot going on and a lot I want to talk about. (As well as more TO talk about in the coming week or two)

Feelings of indescribable MEH.

03/08/09 @ 11:41:16 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 108 words, 787 views  

Ugh. I don’t know what it is, but I keep waking up with the most horrible allergy-like symptoms. It feels like someone hammered a big ol’ rusty metal funnel into one of my nostrils and then SHAT IN IT. Throat scratchy, eyes dry and achy.

I feel shitty.


There’s a bunch of stuff I want to talk about this week, and three on-going projects I hope to be making progress on.

Ugh. Went back to sleep for two hours, got up, took a shower for an hour… Feel better. Nonetheless one can’t help but notice it’s 4:30 in the afternoon. What has become of my life? -___-


nani sore?
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