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*scribble scribble*

09/21/08 @ 08:32:45 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Pretty Pictures, 262 words, 1069 views  

So I’ve been doing a little drawing the last week or so. I managed to scribble this little doodle a week and a half ago…

It was just a silly little thing, and not very good, but I was happy with it. It’s kind of endearing. ^_^

I got sidetracked with other stuff, so I didn’t get back to drawing for a couple days, and I suddenly found myself MOTOR-RETARDED.

Sometimes I think I have some kind of brain tumor or something between the creative center of my brain, and my motor-cortex, and it responds to the change in gravity from moon phases or something, lol… I’ll go through these cycles of being able to sort-of kind-of draw, to not even being able to draw the circle+cross that you use to start drawing a face… Which is where I stayed for a week after that… But then, sometimes…just sometimes… The planets will align or something, and inexplicable things will happen.

(Click to zoom in so the screentone doesn’t look like shit.)

I really totally absolutely lurve ComicStudio4 EX. Head and shoulders above 3. It’ll be nice when an English version comes out this fall, because as it stands, it’s way too goddamned complex to have to wrestle with READING, too.

You can see me working in CSEX4.

Again, it’s not great, and I don’t even like the character style all that much, but it was progress. I was playing around with some advanced techniques as well, like using the totally awesome focusline effect filter to do the hair highlights and iris details.

Books books books books

09/21/08 @ 08:10:03 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 481 words, 1164 views  

So, as some of you know I bought a bunch of How to Draw Manga books at Akadot back at the beginning of August. They were having a big sale on Digital Manga Publishing’s books. It was too tempting to pass up.

Here’s the manifest:

Graphic-Sha ‘Anime & Game Characters’ series:
How to Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 5 — Bishoujo Game Characters    $19.95  $17.95

Graphic-Sha ‘How to Draw Manga’ series:
MORE How to Draw Manga Vol. 1 — The Basics of Character Drawing    $19.99  $17.99
How to Draw Manga — Girls’ Life Illustration File    $19.95  $10.00

Digital Manga Publishing ‘Shoujo Manga Techniques’ series:
Shoujo Manga Techniques: Drawing Basics    $19.95  $5.00
Shoujo Manga Techniques: Writing Stories    $19.95  $5.00

Digital Manga Publishing ‘Let’s Draw Manga’ series:
Let’s Draw Manga — Ninja & Samurai    $19.95  $5.00
Let’s Draw Manga — Fantasy    $19.95  $5.00
Let’s Draw Manga — Using Color    $19.95  $5.00
Let’s Draw Manga — Sexy Gals    $19.95  $5.00
Let’s Draw Manga — Shoujo Characters    $19.95  $5.00
Let’s Draw Manga — Tokyo Urban Hip-Hop Culture    $19.95  $5.00
Let’s Draw Manga — Astro Boy    $19.95  $5.00

Digital Manga Publishing ‘Tezuka School of Animation’ series:
Tezuka School of Animation Vol. 1 — Learning the Basics    $13.95  $5.00
Big pile of books — Total    $253.39  $95.94

Add a package of Deleter manga paper, and a black Copic Ciao marker, and I get free shipping.

Now, I know some of you must be looking at the Let’s Draw Manga books and going “What the shit?!", but you know what? I don’t know either. The art on the covers looks craptastic, but the art inside is good Japanese-style art that doesn’t look like it was posted on someone’s DevArt account. And I’m sure you’re all wondering about the Tokyo Urban one, since I hate hip-hop culture with a passion… Well, I wasn’t going to get it. But I used the ‘Look Inside!’ for it on Amazon, and it seemed like it’d be a good reference for how to draw more realistic character design styles. And it is.

The Tezuka School of Animation one is cool, I really like it. In fact, the only book I am in any way disappointed with is the ‘Let’s Draw Manga’ Astro Boy book. It was supposed to go into detail about Tezuka’s cinematic manga illustration style, but I just covered the sum total of what they said. Yes. They basically said ‘Osamu Tezuka had a very cinematic style.’ Wish I was kidding. Other than that, I now know way more than I ever wanted to about Tetsuwan Atom.

Quick catch-up.

09/21/08 @ 07:22:55 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 143 words, 879 views  

Yes. I replaced the fucking chair. And let me tell you, the rule of law was just about the only thing keeping me from lighting the old one on fire and pitching it into the river yelling “SEE YOU IN VALHALLA, MOTHERFUCKER!”

I ended up getting two $89.99 leather computer chairs from Staples that were on sale $40 off. They’re okay. Sort of narrow… I like being able to sit with my legs further apart than this. And the arms are useless. They’re not tall enough or shaped correctly to be useful as armrests, but they keep the back of the chair attached so I can’t just toss them.

Oh well. They were cheap.

I sort of lost track of things for a while there. I’m honestly not sure what all I have going on right now. Except that I need to draw some more.

Of Inanimate Objects and Their Desire to Kill Me...

09/08/08 @ 03:01:17 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 398 words, 804 views  

So, my computer chair has entered into the next phase of its neverending bid to kill me.

A while ago, one of the five legs broke off, which has led to me falling over numerous times, besides the fact that if I get out of the chair with the gap behind me, the weight of the back causes it to fall over.

Since then, I have managed to break off both arms, which were just big plastic pieces held on by cheap screws. The first one snapped the heads off the screws when I ripped it the fuck off in a fit of anger, probably at a game…the second one broke off later, as I was leaning to pick something up, as I recall. Fucking potmetal screws…

After that, the plastic outer on one of the other legs started to come off. The legs are a plastic outer, with a tubular metal frame, and for some reason, the casters stick into the plastic outer part… Nice design choice there, assholes.

So, if the plastic outer comes loose, the caster is liable to just come out from under you instead of moving when you try and move the chair… Bloody marvelous. That was fixed by putting two self-tapping sheetmetal screws through the bitch. Temporary fix, it still twists a little. Of course, now the plastic outer on the leg on the opposite side of the gap has come off, and I’m out of screws.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday when I sat down at my computer, the seat felt like it moved in a weird way, and I heard a soft metal-on-metal ‘klink’ sound, and something landing on the floor… $%$@#…

When I went to get up again, it became obvious what had happened…because as I stood up, the seat pitched forward and damn-near dumped me on the floor. Seems the bolts that hold the seat cushion assembly to the metal chassis broke… Just in the back though. But why is it pitching forward like that? Well, that’s easy. Because some idiots decided it’d be awesome to bolt the backside to the chassis, and have the front end bolted through big rubber things that let the front end act like a fucking hinge.

Who came up with this shit? Fuck it. Buying a new chair. Need to replace the chair at the other computer too anyway.


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