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Ending the World, One Step at a Time (Part 2)

07/31/08 @ 09:19:36 pm, Categories: Projects, 275 words, 1062 views  

Well, I haven’t attempted to make any further progress on the game prototype yet, as I’ve been concentrating mostly on the lack of art. I experimented with doing 3D characters and rendering them to 2D, and that’s still a possibility, but for the moment, I’m trying to level up my drawing skills as that would actually serve to accomplish more goals.

I did make quite some progress on the 3d modeling though.

First celshaded render of v0001 body.

Render of v0005 body.

More progress. / Another angle.

This is where I left off. / Celshaded version.

After running into problems time and time again modeling the arms and legs, and wrestling with the fact that my model was not stylized enough for my needs, I ripped some models from Illusion’s celshaded 3D eroge, Schoolmate, and decided to look at how they were put together. I started a new model using those proportions as a guide.

But then I got sidetracked with drawing. As most of you know, I went ahead and dropped a king’s ransom on an Intuos3 Special Edition 9x12 tablet… I would have liked to have gotten a Cintiq, but I like my organs more.

Anyway, I cleaned up my desk a little to make room…which also allowed me to finally put my other 19″ LCD back into service. I no longer have a workspace, I now have a…PWNSPACE!

Wacom’s Intuos3 Grip Pen is quickly becoming one of my favorite writing implements, just behind my Rotring 600 series mechanical pencil. Hopefully I’ll have something to post before the weekend is over. I find I am steadily improving, if only from ’shit’ to ‘crap’ so far.

Ending the World, One Step at a Time (Part 1)

07/24/08 @ 02:40:24 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Projects, 342 words, 1000 views  

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff… Of course, most of you can’t tell because I seem to be asleep or just waking up most of the time. I’ve gotten into a sort of a cycle… Get up. Have something to eat. Get down to work. Work until I start getting really tired, go lie down and play Disgaea on my PSP until I can’t keep my eyes open, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

The problem is, this cycle doesn’t have an exact period or duration… Anyway, enough about that…

As some of you may know, I’ve written a story called ‘Owaranai no Natsu’, but having no drawing ability, I was unable to make a manga like I’d wanted to. Time and time again I’ve hit upon the idea of modeling characters in 3D and going from there… I’m very good with Lightwave Modeler, but cannot model organics for the life of me…

Putting all that aside, I started looking at other aspects of this whole thing… Like how to tell the story. I came up with the idea of doing a Visual Novel. After searching around a bit, I found Ren’Py (A portmanteau of Ren’Ai and Python) a Visual Novel / Ren’Ai / Eroge engine built on the Python programming language.

From the website, it looked difficult to write for. After downloading it and trying for myself, it made a lot of sense and was very easy to get a handle on. (As evidenced by the fact that I of all people can write for it.) I made a little test program to learn basic functionality. (The character artwork is a downloadable from the Blade Engine website.)

But again came the question of art… Just what was I going to do?


I’ve updated the test program. I’m going to try and keep this post current with new releases. Though I will probably move this to a dedicated post after a couple more revisions.

Latest version

Version History

v0.0005 - First public release.

v0.0006 - Added character portraits, progressive text display, and Click-to-Continue indicator. :D


07/20/08 @ 12:36:02 am, Categories: Random Randomness, 0 words, 973 views  
The dangers of powerleveling...

07/06/08 @ 09:01:06 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, 330 words, 1123 views  

So, I have this fire mage in Disgaea… She was one of my first characters. Right now, she is the highest level character I have. Mostly because I’ve been using the item world to level her magic… She can clear the first ten levels of any item all by herself. She has like 500HP and 700SP.

Another of the many over-engineered aspects of Disgaea, is that you can create new characters at any time. And all your characters earn points that allow them to do things like create characters. A newly-created character is the apprentice of the character that created them. This has many side effects. A master and an apprentice are far more likely to execute combo attacks, and a master can use any of the spells their apprentice knows if they’re in adjacent tiles, first at level 0, but if you use it a couple of times, it reaches level 1, and the master has PERMANENTLY LEARNED THE SPELL. This can be used to your advantage. (I forget the exact terms used in the English version, I’ve been playing the Japanese version…)

For instance, that fire mage? I had her create a white mage, and one each of the other two elemental mage types. So now, besides her regular fire spells (Which she has learned up to the ‘giga’ level), can use cast wind elemental spells, ice elemental spells, and healing spells.

I think it’s time to level other characters… She does twice as much melee damage with her staff as Laharl does with his sword. Yeah.

What I’ve been doing is, just having her step out of the level entrance, and stand there casting spells on the closest mobs as they move in. She can reach damn near a quarter of the map with that shit.

There’s something decidedly bent about a girl dressed like a maid letting out a girly little giggle, and then unleashing a spell that does like 1000 damage over a wide area of the map.

Trapped in the Item World...

07/06/08 @ 06:54:13 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, 349 words, 1287 views  

So, I’ve been busy lately, and I’ve been spending most of my ‘free’ time playing Disgaea on my PSP. I seem to be repeating my PS2 play experience of the game; I’m almost forty hours in, and have barely gotten anywhere in the story…because I’m playing the Item World almost constantly… Though I am much further in the story than I got in the PS2 version.

Disgaea is really one of the greatest games ever made. It is. The depth is fucking PARALYZING.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about… One of the MANY over-engineered aspects of Disgaea is the ‘Item World’, the ability to go into an item, and fight through randomly generated levels inside it. You can only escape every tenth level, or with the use of an exit door item. (You get to the next level by either beating all the enemies, or by reaching the level exit. The latter nullifying any level clear bonuses you would have gotten.)

Upon beating ten levels, the item is leveled up, and all the stats get bumped. Which would be enough…but no. Some stats are not based solely on the base stats of the item, but on an ‘item world resident’. A neutral mob found on random levels in the item. Once you defeat a resident, they can be moved between items freely, conferring their stat bonus to the item you move them to. (Items have a maximum ‘population’.)

Items themselves are already pretty complex. You can have ten of the same sword, and not a one of them will have the same stats. They all have different rarities, a different number and placement of item world residents, and some can be ‘Rare’ (Silver name) or ‘Legendary’ (Gold name) which means higher base stats, a larger ‘population’ and other benefits. All items start at level 0. The item world offers a much better alternative to replaying old story missions for leveling because there are more tangible benefits than just the EXP and stuff you earn in the process; you’re upgrading a piece of equipment…a LOT.


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