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I wasn't going to say anything....

06/17/08 @ 01:10:04 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The Gaming Community, 363 words, 1126 views  

Okay, a little history lesson…

In 1996 a Japanese game company called Tecmo was in dire financial trouble, but they had one thing going for them… Tomonobu Itagaki. Who had gone to work for them in 1992 because– while he could have gone to work for either SEGA or Tecmo –he figured it didn’t matter which, and settled on Tecmo because their offices were closer to where he lived.

He approached then-president Nakamura and told him he could make a game that would SELL. The game was Dead or Alive and it was released in November 1996, and the company went from $5.2mil in losses in 1995, to $9.2mil in profits in 1996. Thanks in large part to Dead or Alive, and Tomonobu Itagaki’s ‘Team Ninja’.

Twelve years later, Tecmo is supported almost entirely by Team Ninja’s franchises: DOA, DOA Volleyball, and Ninja Gaiden.

I tell you all this, so you can sufficiently appreciate what comes next…

Back in May, Itagaki approached current Tecmo president Yoshimi Yasuda regarding the fact that he hadn’t yet been paid his promised ‘completion bonus’ for DOA4…

Let me tell you something about Tomonobu Itagaki… You don’t fuck with this guy. He is just one of those people who practically exude badass. Combine that with the fact that his games basically support the company, and Yasuda’s response is all the more puzzling and bizarre:

‘if you are dissatisfied with the decision not to pay the bonuses, either quit the company or sue it.’


Why would you do that? That defies all reason, nevermind the fact that Itagaki’s personality made what came next thoroughly predictable; he resigned (effective July 1st) and sued the company for 148 million yen.

Now, I wasn’t going to discuss any of that on here, because it was so fucking obvious and ridiculous that it didn’t bear repeating. But it seems that Tecmo isn’t yet finished committing harakiri…

Because now, two more Tecmo employees are suing Tecmo for unpaid wages, in addition to accusing them of violating labor laws and cooking the books.

Wow. Way to go Tecmo. Not content with having achieved terminal velocity, they hit the afterburner. This is going to make the coolest crater. Seriously.

Not a bad week.

06/17/08 @ 12:54:09 pm, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 89 words, 1088 views  

So, this week has been pretty good for Kojima and crew at Konami. This is the fifth day since the release of MGS4, and so far in Japan, it has sold 476,334 copies, as well as driving sales of the Playstation 3 console up to 77,208 units in that period and the three days leading up to release. Not bad, considering that MGS4 retails for 8.800 yen for the regular version, and 9,800 yen for the Limited Edition…and don’t even ASK what the zomg-ultra-premium-raptorclaw-w/cheese MGS4+Gunmetal PS3 bundle goes for.

[Source: Famitsu]

And then, there were four...

06/12/08 @ 10:45:44 am, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 167 words, 1081 views  

On this day ten years ago, Metal Gear Solid was released in Japan for Sony’s PlayStation game console. It would be the one game Hideo Kojima would make for the system that left a lasting impression on the entire videogame industry, as well as anyone who played it.

Today saw the release of the final chronicle (Chronologically) of the series protagonist, Solid Snake. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots, for the PlayStation 3 console looks to be an absolutely incredible game, and a fitting end to a legendary hero. I have yet to get any hands-on experience with the game, but when I do, you will hear about it.

Personally, I’m saving up for the Ceramic White ‘PlayStation 3 Welcome Box’ w/MGS4 bundle because it gets me a Japanese Ceramic White console to match my PSP, the JP MGS4, and it’s the first Ceramic White PS3 to come with a Dual Shock 3.

Gee, you almost wouldn’t know MGS4 came out today, looking at Gametrailers… </sarcasm>

No such thing as stupid questions...

06/11/08 @ 09:07:38 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, 330 words, 842 views  

So, I was curious about the progress that was being made bringing ComicStudio 4 to the English-speaking world, and I stumbled upon this forum post about the network features in ComicStudio/MangaStudio 3….

Someone asks:

I noticed when I read at the Japanese Celsys site that the Japanese version Comic Studio EX 3 has Network functions (DeliveryNet, Extranet), while the Manga Studio EX 3 version has none. Any thoughts on this?

And the response they get is…

As the publishing marketplace for Manga is still fairly new in North America, with only a few players, and that 99% our market place does not speak Japanese, we made the decision to limit that feature in the English version. We do believe however if our user base requests this feature in newer versions, and the market place grows as we do believe it to do so, we will introduce the network capability back into the EX (English) version.

Excuse me, what? What did you just say?

Okay, I have a really stupid question. Why in the name of FUCK are you people removing features ‘just cuz’? I ran into the same problem with the removal of ‘rubi’ and other Japanese typography features. (Interestingly enough the dialogs are still intact and translated in MS3, but not linked to anything.)

As the seemingly last bastion of common fucking sense on the internet, sometimes shit really galls me. How about you just translate the goddamn software and let the end user worry about how they fucking use it? Seriously. It’s a fucking $300 piece of software. Someone should not have to feel the need to buy the program in TWO LANGUAGES just because you didn’t deem some features fucking IMPORTANT.

Guess what? Sooner or later Celsys is going to look at the English userbase and decide they want more than ‘their cut’ of the sales, and they’re going to make a fully-functional English language version and sell it direct. Do you know the name of this game? It’s called YOU’RE FUCKED.

Magical Blue Smoke - Part 1

06/09/08 @ 12:42:05 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Magical Blue Smoke, 1165 words, 1226 views  

You no doubt know the joke about letting ‘the magical blue smoke’ escape from your computer. Well, let me tell you, I still don’t know how the stuff gets in there in the first place. BUT, I have learned some cool shit the last couple weeks.

A couple posts back, I was talking about a foray (or rather a return) into the world of electronics… But you may ask yourself ‘Why?’. Why am I all of the sudden interested in building electronics? Well, it’s not all that sudden, I mean, I have all these varied interests, and my ADHD basically turns it all into a Magic 8-Ball. What’s Baka interested in this week? Shake it up, turn it over, and find out. But above all else, I have an overwhelming interest in making stuff. And electronics is just the most accessible canvas for me at the moment…I guess you could say.

First off, let’s go into some detail on some of the items I picked up…


Penny-Arcade Adventures: Really Long Name

06/09/08 @ 07:52:35 am, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 407 words, 1103 views  

So, the HOUR it came out I downloaded Penny-Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One from the digital distribution startup Greenhouse. Let me just say that I enjoyed every damn SECOND of the game, I will admit it lacks re-playability to a certain degree, but it doesn’t hurt the experience, and I’d play through it again and again if I weren’t so goddamned busy right now.

The game is just plain hilarious in a totally awesome way that only Gabe and Tycho can deliver. One of my favorite moments involves us having just killed a barbershop quartet, and Gabe going “What. The. FUCK.” in three separate lines of dialogue, I damn near fell out of my chair laughing.

The typical P-A humor turned up to 11, coupled with the unique setting, great art, and amusing foes would be enough… But no! There’s a GAME there, too! The adventure game engine is superb, the cutscenes are vector-based and set up like a comic book, and the combat is fucking GLORIOUS, and seamless!

I can’t really go into detail on every little thing, because as far as I’m concerned, every last detail about this game is great. I did however mention that it lacks re-playability to a degree, and that’s true, but it’s designed to be a simple ‘module’ of a larger story… By the end of this episode, all your character stats and weapons are maxed out and enemies don’t respawn, so that’s it. You either play it again, or not.

Why isn’t this a big deal? The game costs $19.95. It’s totally worth the price of admission, and you WILL probably play it at least a couple times. Sometimes twenty bucks is a lot of money… But if your wallet isn’t hurting at the moment, $20 is a pizza, or some Chinese takeout, so what’s the big deal? It’s fun and worth every last penny.

The choice of going for digital distribution was a no-brainer. You put a $20 game out there that someone’s going to have ANY interest in whatsoever, make it effortless to purchase, and they’re going to do so. Hell, the demo is the full version of the game, but you unlock it with your key. If you want to check out the game, go download the demo, now now now! You won’t regret it!

I am looking forward to Episode Two like you wouldn’t believe.

I like how the ad matches my site. :D
Oh to be back on track again....

06/09/08 @ 07:00:50 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 277 words, 759 views  

Ah, that’s a nice way to start the morning… Bigass cup half filled with orange juice, some ice, and a can of ginger ale. I dare say it’s better than an ice cold bottle of Livewire… Just unfortunately lacking the caffeinated kick in the pants. Maybe Bawls should make G33K ALE next?

So, yes… I stopped updating the Code Geass thing… I got behind, and then it just seemed kind of stupid anyway. It was really more of an experiment to see how I would manage communicating the pertinent bits from an episode, you be the judge. Though I will tell you that there’s a new way to watch it every week… The person hosting the really nice stream has gone MIA, and Keyhole is being an absolute fucker besides just being poor quality… The motion can be kind of crappy on some stations, but TVU Networks is really cool.

So, I have several projects I’m working on right now, a couple of which could prove quite lucrative… But I swear to god, I’m seriously considering throwing them by the wayside for a month or two just to get a Ceramic White PS3 MGS4 bundle

I had planned to HAVE a PS3 by now, but it wasn’t in the cards… Probably just as well, since this is the first Ceramic White model to ship with a DUALSHOCK3 controller. But christ on a crutch if it don’t cost like $620 shipped, and doesn’t even come with an HDMI cable! And I _NEED_ an HDMI cable if I’m going to play it on my SyncMaster 2493HM. That’s right. 1920x1200 24″ widescreen, and it has VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs! :P


nani sore?
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