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New logos.

11/22/07 @ 03:25:32 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 160 words, 1312 views  

So, I was playing around with all my typefaces and stuff while I was without internet, and started acting on the need for a new GPMoD logo. (Or several.)

The idea is to have logos that cover a wide range of styles, and maybe even satirize other logos and stuff. (And then have them cycled randomly whenever the page is refreshed)

These are just some typeface choices, they will of course be tweaked to fit the current logo’s arrangement and style (For instance, some of these samples are squashed in one direction or another, or otherwise don’t fit into the current square design.) as well as having other treatments and effects.

Tell me via PM or in the comments what your picks are. Following a format like ‘Page X #X’ and remember, I’m looking for several choices. I’ll weigh the feedback I get against what some of my picks are, and see what we can come up with!

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Happy Turkey-day, kids.

11/22/07 @ 03:19:37 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 21 words, 1453 views  

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your relatives not force you to kill them!

(Or failing that, may their bodies never be found!)

Buried Treasure

11/22/07 @ 02:59:29 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. YOU, 309 words, 1248 views  

Some amusing stuff from my old 2000-2003 mIRC logs I found on one of the old HDDs.

Session Start: Mon Jan 20 23:01:21 2003
Session Ident: UmbraSG
[11:05:12PM] <UmbraSG> Hehe. What happened, you get banned from AX?
[11:05:20PM] <UmbraSG> so in order to feel male, you have to hunt me down?
[11:05:33PM] <Baka-chan> Actually, a little bird told me you were here, not much hunting to it.
[11:05:41PM] <UmbraSG> So.
[11:05:42PM] <Baka-chan> Just thought I’d come hassle you.
[11:05:44PM] <UmbraSG> I’m not exactly hiding
[11:06:00PM] <Baka-chan> Is that a fact?
[11:06:01PM] <UmbraSG> Ah. Still can’t master that provoking skill, huh?
[11:06:29PM] <Baka-chan> So, it’s my LACK of provocation you took issue with and left AX?
[11:06:50PM] <UmbraSG> No.
[11:07:02PM] <UmbraSG> If you are dying to find out why I left, talk to Every.
[11:07:21PM] <UmbraSG> I’m busy with homework and I don’t have time to have fun with you. Try me some other time.
[11:07:32PM] <Baka-chan> I know why you left.
[11:07:40PM] <Baka-chan> Would you like your EXACT words?
[11:07:56PM] <Baka-chan> Or shall I paraphrase?
[11:13:24PM] <Baka-chan> Ahh! Found it.
[11:13:32PM] <Baka-chan> I believe you said this to every….
[11:13:33PM] <Baka-chan> [06:50pm] <UmbraSG> as of today, you can remove me from all lists of Animextacy. I am quiting.
[11:13:33PM] <Baka-chan> [06:51pm] <UmbraSG> Sorry, man. I’ve had enough from Shibbz and Baka.
[11:13:52PM] <Baka-chan> Lack of provocation skills indeed.
[11:14:40PM] <Baka-chan> btw, there’s TWO ‘T’s in quitting.

That, was the last I heard of Umbra. Except for the racial slur filled comments left on the blog here. Oh yeah, and occasionally getting my UD definition for him removed.

Denial of Service

11/21/07 @ 04:31:14 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Life of Baka, 170 words, 1045 views  

So, Verizon cut off my internet for non-payment at 00:00 on the 20th… Which meant I was without internet for a day and a half. Getting billed paperlessly for my DSL separate from my phone bill was a GREAT motherfucking idea. Since it went un-paid for 5 months and no one fucking told me.

Also, did you know that when they cut off your DSL, anywhere you try to go redirects you to a delightful page titled ‘Denial of Service’? Seriously. (It’s which doesn’t seem accessible from the ‘outside’.) Of course, just because you logged in and paid them, doesn’t mean they’re going to give you your service back, which several hours wasted on CS drones taught me the hard way.

Ironically, while exploring my old hard drives, I found the old prototype GPMoD magazine PDF from September 2004 which included a rant about how Adelphia cut me off but I already had my DSL starter kit on the way. Yeah, can you see the forward progress I’m making? ;o

Charlie Oscar Delta Foxtrot Tango Whiskey

11/07/07 @ 10:59:40 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, 72 words, 1261 views  

I wish I could find the words to form some intelligent response… I can’t. So I’ll share my initial reaction.

[11.07/10.40.19] <~Baka-chan> Oh my fucking god.
[11.07/10.40.23] <~Baka-chan> OH MY FUCKING GOD
[11.07/10.40.29] <~Baka-chan> OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!
[11.07/10.42.43] <~Baka-chan> I had to stop the game after the first mission…
[11.07/10.42.51] <~Baka-chan> My hands are shaking…
[11.07/10.42.57] <~Baka-chan> This is the greatest FPS ever made.


I'm not the only one...

11/01/07 @ 12:03:42 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 64 words, 875 views  

Seems nature has a case of the blahs today as well… It’s a little past noon and it still looks like 6-7am out, it’s so damn dark. There’s still some streetlights on. It’s ridiculous. It’s no wonder I was having trouble extricating myself from bed this morning… It STILL doesn’t look late enough to get up!


Current Aural Stimuli: Massive ‘the pillows’ mix.


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