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A week of nothing.

10/30/07 @ 11:49:53 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 184 words, 955 views  

Guh. So, it’s been a week since the train derailment here in Middlebury… Friday morning the first train was able to roll through again… (Albeit, slower than I can walk.)

On Thursday, my replacement memory arrived from Corsair. So I’m running 4gb of DDR2 at 1066mhz. My computer has been acting a lot smoother now that I’ve done away with Windows’ dreadful Pagefile bullshit. (My computer no longer feels like it’s competing in the special olympics.)

I’ve really just been trying to get back into the swing of things. I still have work on that website to finish, then I can finally get back to work on my own. (Though I did promise to redo the skins on that site once a non-alpha stable of b2evo 2.0 came out.)

So, I ordered something the Friday before last which arrived about half an hour before the train wreck. Some of you remember me bitching about not being able to draw, and wanting a real pen tablet, etc etc etc.

Well, I went and did it. And regardless of the (Not-insignificant.) price, I’m glad I did.

So, I've had a bit of a day.

10/23/07 @ 08:51:03 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 240 words, 960 views  

As many of you know by now, there was a fucking calamity outside my apartment building at around 2pm yesterday… I plan to do a full write-up of the experience but for now, the gist of it…

At around 2pm a northbound freight train derailed, tipping most of its cars… 15 of which were tankers carrying 26,000 gallons of gasoline EACH. (Though reports say that some of the tankers had fuel oil…either way, not fucking good.) Several of them were ruptured to varying degrees, and at least one caught on fucking FIRE.

So, I ended up being evacuated (With everyone else within one square mile of the wreck, or basically…the whole town.) and spent the night at a Red Cross shelter set up at the American Legion… I was able to get back in this morning, and have spent most of the day sleeping, having only gotten a couple hours sleep at the shelter and being totally exhausted.

Here’s a google map of the fucking calamity.

An initial and somewhat updated report, with pictures, can be found here.
A detailed and more recent account, including official information, can be found here.

A draft of the first round of pictures I took can be found here.

At any rate, all’s good here. I’m more worried about Ibuki and her family at this point, and I hope everything is alright, seeing as how half of California is burning down right now. D:


10/18/07 @ 01:05:44 pm, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 329 words, 1200 views  

I’m sure you all remember how I used to have google ads after the first couple posts… Well, I think that only ever made me like $11.04 xD On the other hand, Play-Asia has made me at least a hundred bucks or so. And I haven’t really been pushing it at all. You also all probably know that I can always use the money…

That said, I’m going to be adding an advertisement system to the site with the next wave of updates. There will be a banner at the top of the page, a banner between the latest posts and the collapsed posts, and some affiliate buttons down in the links area.

Basically, this is how it is… I will NEVER advertise a product or service I wouldn’t use myself. (Or at the very least, something I think is really good, even if it’s not quite my thing.)

Either I find a site or product that I like or approve of… Or they send me a sample for my evaluation, and I dig it… Then they offer or I sign up for an affiliate arrangement of some sort.

So there it is.

To potential advertisers:
Basically, what I said above. If you want me to pimp a product or service to my community, it’s gotta be good enough to either be something I’d use, or at least deem good enough for my people. Seeing as how I’m a poor struggling artist…your best bet is to send me something to evaluate (Goods), offer me some kind of try-out (Services), or otherwise make yourselves known to me. (Sites, etc.) Products or gift certificates for GPMoD giveaways are always welcome too.

Our demographic looks like this: fairly hardcore gamers and anime connoisseurs, pretty much all of whom are also serious computer geeks, and several of whom, myself included, are creative types with certain high-end needs.

Also, any webcomics or other sites of gaming/anime-related interest are welcome to offer link swaps.


10/17/07 @ 05:35:04 am, Categories: Site News, 251 words, 1027 views  

There are several projects I have in mind for this site. As I’ve said before, one of the things I am going to do is move all discussion of anime and videogames to the GPMoD Magazine blog, and this blog will be reserved for my day-to-day tribulations, rants, and general site news.

I am also considering recruiting members of my little circle of interblag misfits to write about stuff for the ‘magazine’ site. It is afterall, an archive for the GPMoD ‘Society for The Study of Modern Visual Culture’. I will also seek the opinions of the others for anything I talk about, and include their thoughts on the subject.

Very soon I will reveal my personal studio, which will be dedicated to projects of mine such as games/anime/manga/etcetera that aren’t necessarily related to my more official commercial entity.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the GPMoD Radio site, because I can’t figure out exactly how to do what I want to do with it… A lot of what I wanted to do revolved around the kinds of conversations I have on IRC, discussing anime and videogames, and debating things…but none of the people I do this with live within 300 miles of me, so I’m sort of at a loss as to how to do it without everyone having to buy a nice mic and audio setup like I have. (Not that it was all that expensive…)

Oh well. I’ll figure it out eventually. 何とかあるさ。


10/17/07 @ 04:02:28 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 338 words, 657 views  

This week’s been a drag so far. I’ve got some weird emo shit rolling around in the depths of my mind that I can’t quite grasp, but is driving me batshit… I have a website I’m working on for someone, and that’s giving me some trouble. (It doesn’t help that I can’t really get into anything I’m trying to do right now.) I’ve been feeling anxious about something and I don’t know what… God. wtf?

*Rolls around on the floor* 絶望した!

I guess I just feel like I’m not accomplishing anything productive, which is bullshit, because I am. I’ve probably done more in the last 2-3 months than I have in the last year…but I’ve been completely stalled for the last several days… -__-;

I’ve been cooped up in my apartment for most of the summer because I hate the heat, and I think maybe I need to go outside and run naked through the streets or something…lol

Maybe it’s just because I’m pushing thirty and don’t have much to show for it… Anyway, yeah. Emo shit.

I think I would like to start posting more regularly on here, even just the day-to-day crap or whatever, just to air out my skull on occasion.

After I get this website I’m working on done, I have a couple projects I would like to get to work on.

I’m buying a Wacom Intuos3 Special Edition 9x12 tablet, so I finally have a usable tablet… Hopefully it will turn out to be the tablet that’s been holding me back, and I CAN actually re-learn how to draw. But hey, either way I’ll have a very nice tablet that will help with all my graphics work. Though, seriously… If I am completely incapable of drawing… Wow. Even Samuron can draw…sort of… If it comes to that…we may just see how far I can take the Zetsubou-sensei parodies. D; I’ll be leaving now.

Oh hey, wtf happened to that show anyway? The raws are almost impossible to find past episode 7. D:


10/07/07 @ 09:42:26 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 64 words, 714 views  




Baka-chan finishes his last Livewire and prepares a noose.

I’ll be leaving now. D:


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