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World in Conflict

08/24/07 @ 11:40:49 am, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 247 words, 783 views  

World in Conflict, the new RTS by Massive Entertainment (Makers of the Ground Control series of RTS games), is a brilliant piece of gaming.

It’s an untraditional RTS; They removed the resource gathering and building, the bane of my RTS experiences, and made it less about long-term planning and strategies, and more about situational tactics… Which makes me want to coin the term ‘Real-Time Tactical’ to describe it.

Even with such basic strategy game tenets removed, the game easily has as much depth as any other RTS game.

The setting of the game is a 1989 in which the cold war doesn’t end, but instead, the USSR attacks the US and Europe. The single player campaign is written by Larry Bond, a cold war expert who co-wrote ‘Red Storm Rising’ with Tom Clancy.

The game features a polished and well-designed multiplayer system involving matches as large as 8v8, with a unique system of player role specialization never before seen in an RTS.

The graphics are unbelievable, especially the effects. Explosions, fire, smoke… It all looks real. The graphics aren’t stylized, it’s very realistic. And honestly, it looks as good as the latest FPS games.

The demo hits in less than 20 minutes, I’ll have more to post then.

Oh, btw. All you people on the Gamespot countdown page commenting about how fast you’re getting it, shut up. I’m downloading it at 5.80 MB/s, so go take a long walk off your small, insignificant e-penis.

Get the Demo. [Sierra FTP]

Of Computers and Mental Disorders...

08/13/07 @ 07:16:42 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 291 words, 696 views  

So, the last several weeks, my computer had been acting kinda…iffy. I thought it was a virus, or windows was all f’guckted up…SOMETHING. The last couple of days though, my computer began shitting all sorts of madness.* Stuff was constantly crashing with runtime errors, apps were just disappearing, even Firefox and Thunderbird were doing weird and just plain stupid shit…

The last straw was when I was working on restoring this old map, and I saved it… Currently, my R1800 is hooked up to the other computer, and I can’t get windows printer sharing to work for whatever reason, so I went to open the Photoshop file on the other computer to print it… It comes up corrupt.

I save another copy… Corrupt. Last version of the file? Corrupt. Last good version before I started working on it again? Corrupt. Oh SHIT.

I had to have a print of this map by morning, and it was like 4am… I cut my freaking-the-fuck-out relatively short, opened an even older version, and quickly finished repairs to the image on the other machine. (Copying and pasting undamaged areas from the finished one to the older one and finishing the repairs where I had to cut damage from the newest version.)

After saving my ass on that front, I decide to run my machine through Memtest86+, and sure enough, memory tests failed at EVERY SINGLE ADDRESS. Just a wall of red text.

I took out the first stick of memory, and put the second in its place, and it tested fine. So, looks like I need to RMA my Dominator back to Corsair. Thank God for lifetime replacement warranties.

* Thank Duckie for this one, she sure knows how to turn a phrase. :P

Musician's Fucker

08/08/07 @ 11:33:50 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, 317 words, 748 views  

So, I ordered some audio equipment to do the GPMoD podcast… MXL, the manufacturer of the microphone I chose, recommended Musician’s friend…and I had independently found them through Amazon while searching for the mic and mixer I wanted to get… Given that, I didn’t see the necessity of checking them out with Reseller Ratings…

You can probably see where this is going.

So, I give them $156 for the mic, a mixer, and a miscellany of cables and crap, all of which was listed as ‘In Stock’. That was on the 16th of July. On the 18th, the status of my items changed to “Being Packed"… Yeah, that’s still what it says. 25 DAYS LATER

They never responded to any emails, and when I called them, they gave me the same song and dance they’ve been giving people for a couple months now according to Reseller Ratings… “We’re moving warehouses, so things are a little slow.” I didn’t know a MONTH constituted ‘a little slow’. Not only that, but they took the money immediately… Because of that and other things, the bank account ended up in the negative, and incurred $60 in overdraft charges. YAY!

When I called last Friday, the CSR said ‘I’d be surprised if it didn’t ship Monday or Tuesday.’ Be surprised, fucker.

A month later, and not only do I not have my product, but the price of the mic has dropped ten bucks. Fuck these guys. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on FIRE.

It’s going to take a LOT on their part to make me not tear them a new collective asshole every chance I get… They’re lucky I haven’t reported them to the BBB…yet. They’d damn well better price-match my mic, bump the shipping, and give me a discount off a future stupid decision to order from them. And if THAT order takes a month to ‘pack’, they’re FUCKED

Rockman 2 kicks my ass...

08/08/07 @ 08:17:07 pm, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 235 words, 798 views  

So, a while back the whole Okkusenman craze rekindled my interest in one of my favorite NES games, Megaman 2. So, I downloaded a Famicom rom of Rockman 2, and it completely kicked my ass, every time. I couldn’t get past a single boss. I figured I was just getting old, so I gave up. OTZ

More recently, it’s been the whole ‘Airmangataosenai’ video meme, which is about how BALL-BUSTINGLY-HARD Rockman 2 is… And it got me thinking “Wait, this is even hard by JAPANESE standards?! But Megaman 2 was so easy when I was a kid!” That’s when it hit me… Another game dumbed down for the slobberingly stupid American masses. Upon looking into it, sure enough, that is the case.

The original Rockman 2 is really goddamn hard. So difficult, in fact, that the US release featured a difficulty mode setting… The default ‘Normal’ is the dumbed-down American version, where enemies are easier and stuff, and ‘Difficult’ which is the original Japanese version.

Nonetheless, when I was a kid, I never actually beat Megaman 2. I got as far as the first Dr. Wily stage… But that was about it, I don’t think I ever got to the dragon more than once. Well, today I changed that. Beating the US version on ‘Normal’…

The thing is, then I loaded up Rockman 2… And blew through Metalman, Woodman, and Airman…

Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo Idle Rockman


Wow. So I beat Rockman 2. That shit was HARD. Goddamn!


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