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Take that, spam fuckers!

05/15/07 @ 02:45:07 am, Categories: Site News, 55 words, 635 views  

Trackbacks have been disabled as the only real source of spam, and 42,285 spam trackbacks have been deleted via direct SQL edit, leaving 45 comments, 16 of which were spam. For the first time in A YEAR, this blog is completely SPAM FREE.

I hope to have the other site stuff up by the end of the week.

The day after...

05/11/07 @ 10:40:31 pm, Categories: Site News, 144 words, 703 views  

Well, nearing the end of day one of the GPMoDalypse, and so far I have the blog back up and running (Possibly better than ever.) only requiring a bit of main template tweaking to get back to where I was. (Plus some additional styles for the stylesheets)

The new frontpage is up and running, but so far I don’t know how to get it to display the latest posts from the blog… I should look into that.

After that, it’s just a matter of installing everything else and making simple changes to skins and templates I have chosen for their design similarity to the rest of the site. (Basically just a matter of getting a unified color palette going. Not very difficult with the help of Adobe kuler)

I guess the real question is…am I actually going to DO anything?

We shall see…

Oh yeah...

05/11/07 @ 06:34:56 am, Categories: Site News, 41 words, 667 views  

Almost forgot, I can embed videos now.
So hey, let’s compare YouTube and DailyMotion :D

Wow… There isn’t really any comparing the two… And google paid WHAT for YouTube? Can they get a refund?


05/11/07 @ 06:15:20 am, Categories: Site News, 116 words, 681 views  

Well… I inadvertently stayed true to my word and ‘burned the site to the ground’. In the process of trying to figure out just where to put the new b2evolution install (Realizing that, using it only for blogs now, I didn’t need it serving from the site root…) I accidentally deleted my ‘old’ folder with the original contents of the main frontpage and blog system… Fortunately, all I really lost was my modifications to the old version of this skin, and my modified CSS file. Thank god. Since this new release of the skin is ALREADY compatible with the latest b2evo, and I don’t have to add yet ANOTHER layer of hackery to it…


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