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10/30/06 @ 12:22:13 pm, Categories: Baka-chan on Anime, 323 words, 2200 views  

Kamichu! is a fun feel-good series about a middle-school girl named Hitotsubashi Yurie, who discovers that she has become a god. (Or 'kami', in the Shinto sense.) The series is deeply rooted in Shinto beliefs, with every thing and every place having its own 'kami' and this world of gods invisibly affecting the lives of people.

The series aired in 2004, and I somehow never saw any of it. It is now, with the release of Volume 3, nearly released in its entirety in the US by Geneon Entertainment. (Still no word on whether they're going to release the 720p versions that aired in Japan on either next-gen DVD format.)

I like the music and the art. The animation is very well executed. The story is fun and a definite change of pace from some of the other things I've been watching lately. It gets the nod as a 'Baka-chan Approved' anime. Whether or not you understand some of the more subtle humor, you'll enjoy this series.

Some Trivia!
The town the series takes place in is a faithfully reproduced version of the very real town of Onomichi, located in Hiroshima Prefecture.

There's a lot of fun with names and kanji going on here. First of all, the Saegusa family doesn't seem very imaginative... They run the local shrine, and named their two daughters Matsuri and Miko? (For the uninitiated, Matsuri means 'festival', the kind of thing that is typically a function of local shrines. And Miko means 'shrine maiden'.)

In one of the early episodes, Kenji calls Yurie 'Ichihashi', and she remarks to Matsuri and Mitsue that he finally remembered her name. ('Hitotsubashi'.) Now, from his perspective as a calligrapher, he did. They're both written with the same kanji... ^^;

Some more name fun... The first kanji of the family names of the four main characters, Hitotsubashi Yurie (一橋 ゆりえ), Ninomiya Kenji (二宮 健児), Saegusa Matsuri (三枝 祀), and Shijyo Mitsue (四条 光恵), are the kanji for one, two, three, and four, respectively. (一, 二, 三, 四)

Just a few things

10/30/06 @ 11:55:07 am, Categories: Site News, Baka-chan on Anime, 206 words, 4141 views  

Got a bunch of stuff I'm working on, and I'm kind of stressed out, but I wanted to talk about a few things real quick.

First of all, RightStuf International is my new favorite place to buy R1 DVDs. I went from 20 DVDs to 75 in $250. They had a sale on a bunch of Geneon/Pioneer stuff; 10 for $50 or 25 for $100. I was in for $250, everything shipped free. I'll detail it all in an upcoming post.

When you're getting DVDs for $4 a piece, you grab stuff you're even a little interested in. In this case, I grabbed all of Haibane Renmei. I've only watched the first volume so far, but it's REALLY good. And of course, it's by Yoshitoshi ABe. Among his other titles, they also had Lain, Niea_7 and Texhnolyze in the sale.

I was even able to snag all of X TV for Ibuki's birthday! :3 It was a MASSIVE sale. And apparently, they're always having one sale or another, and their prices on a lot of older stuff is under ten bucks anyway.

Speaking of DVDs, I've watched the first two volumes of Kamichu!, which is nothing short of thoroughly charming. I recommend it.

Current aural stimuli: Dolce Triade, Last Exile OST 1 and 2. (From the sale!)

New Category

10/22/06 @ 01:33:02 am, Categories: Gaijin Hero, 0 words, 5194 views  
Far too many people need to die.

10/20/06 @ 04:33:51 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The Gaming Community, Baka-chan on Games, 583 words, 3037 views  

Okay, before I post my impressions of Battlefield 2142... I have words.

I looked to EA's BF2142 forum, and sure enough, there were ~500 threads, about 350 of which were complaining about the rank/Master Server problems, the rest were complaints about the 'spyware', and pretty much all of these had some clever bit about the game being a 'piece of s***' or 'EA is f*gz' or what have you.

I just want to kill every fucking last one of these people in the most horrific way possible. Is that really too much to ask?

zomg this game is such shit stoopid ppl i want my $$$$$$$ backs

First of all, the game is exactly as advertised, and should be exactly what you've come to expect. Good job. Next time, don't buy it. Also...don't you mean you want your parents' money back?

wut crap keep disconectiong!!111@

Are you learning impaired? The 'Disconnected from EA Master Server' issue, while annoying, is something that has come up ever since BF2. When the BF2 demo came out it happened. It happened when BF2 went retail. It happened each time the BF2142 beta was opened further. It happened when the BF2142 demo went live. And GUESS WHAT? It happened when BF2142 went retail. Surprised? From the looks of the forums, you are. And what does that make you? FUCKING STUPID.

I'm not saying EA isn't at fault for not making the master server a little more robust, but the problem goes away within 48 hours, EVERY TIME. Take a fucking pill, will you? (Cyanide, preferrably.)

Waaaah! My stats iz gone EAfags fixit now!!!111ONEONEONEELEVEN

The same goddamn thing happened with BF2 at launch, IT GOES AWAY. And the points you earned? You'll GET THEM. The stats and master servers seem to have trouble adjusting to increased traffic. Once they stabilize, the backlog of stat reports and stuff IS processed. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. JUST BE PATIENT.

The bottom line...

You bought the fucking game. Don't give me 'EA this' and 'EA that'. That horse has been dead for a loooong fucking time now. STOP BEATING IT

You bought the fucking game, you are PLAYING THE FUCKING GAME. You are experiencing the same problems you did when you bought BF2, except that you didn't learn anything last time. The English language has a word for doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results: Stupidity.

Has EA ruined your life? No. (Unless you work for them, in which case..yeah, maybe.) You're going to play the game, and you're going to like it. You are going to PLAY IT EVERY FUCKING DAY, but you're still going to complain on the forums every chance you get about how the game is utter shit and EA are crooks and they stole your mom's money. You know what? I don't even fucking care anymore. But keep it THE FUCK OUT OF THE GAME.

I am sick and tired of trying to have a nice civilized game of killing people, only to see a constant stream of grammarless shit pouring down the side of my monitor like someone pissing in my left eye. Play the fucking game or don't. But if you play it, you lose the right to complain.

Personally, I love the game. I'm not sure if it can be quantified as 'better' or 'worse' than's a completely different game. I'll still play BF2 plenty, because I'm a fan of modern warfare as much as I am SciFi stuff.


nani sore?
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