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Flurry of Updates - Part 1 - What could have been...

07/13/06 @ 02:28:57 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 265 words, 690 views  

I had been emailing back and forth with a 'business plan counselor' for about a week... She seemed enthusiastic and wanted to help me. Gave me a template to start my business plan, and some other paperwork. We set up a meeting for today, this morning I printed out what I had of the business plan, and the other stuff I'd completed, as well as a small portfolio of some of my work.

I was looking pretty sharp, relatively speaking. Nice shoes, a new pair of pants, new shirt, everything organized in my soft briefcase... So, we sat down and went over some initial paperwork. Typical stuff, name, rank, and serial to speak. Then we went straight into her telling me that no one is going to lend me money and that I should get a job. wtf? Where did that come from?

Sure, I don't have any business experience, but I'm 25 years old, have between 5-10 years experience as a freelancer in all the fields I'm working in, a good idea (That she never even bothered to look at...) and the ability to generate more-than-considerable amounts of IP I could leverage. Also, not for nothing, I had the intention of making employee #2 someone with 30 years experience in most of the fields, managerial experience, money management and bookkeeping experience, extensive client relations experience, and whom I trust implicitly... If I wanted to 'get a job', I wouldn't be trying to start a BUSINESS. Christ.

So anyway, that didn't go well. It did, however, provide me with the information I need to go it alone.

Flurry of Updates - Prologue

07/12/06 @ 03:58:43 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 50 words, 705 views  

Yeah, I've been MIA for a while here... Trying to get a lot of stuff done, I'm getting pretty close and I'm getting to a place where I can post regularly again. I'm filling in the blanks for the last couple of months, anything notable. I'm back-dating them, too. (Written 9/12/2006)

Some good tunes, and good photos!

07/12/06 @ 01:57:43 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Pretty Pictures, Credit Where Credit's Due, 177 words, 1295 views  

So, we Middlebury folks are in the midst of the Festival on The Green, here. It's a six-day-long event featuring free concerts, that takes place on the village green. I went out to see if I could practice my event photography...not really going for the music, as it's usually not my thing.

I caught the tail-end of the WDEV Radio Rangers' performance, walked around during intermission, then came back for the next performance, which was 'Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem'. Still not my thing, but MAN can they play! Good music. And I got some good pictures. Unfortunately, it was a terribly low-light shoot, and my pics came out grainy as hell and full of color noise. The better ones made great black and white photos though.

I'm going to finally put up the damned gallery soon, sorry kayaker guys...this is normal for me. When that happens, I'll post the rest of the good ones. In the meantime...

Rani Arbo on fiddle.
Anand Nayak on guitar, and doing lead vocals on a song he wrote.


nani sore?
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