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04/26/06 @ 03:07:24 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Baka-chan on Games, 152 words, 1322 views  

Okay, so I tried LocoRoco. (Free Demo available for download)

I love it, it's great. Simple yet challenging, cute and fun. HOWEVER! Once you figure out how to play and you're actually TRYING to get all the stuff, it will PISS YOU OFF BEYOND WHAT IS REASONABLE for this cute shiny happy game. No kidding. I was cursing at the damned thing. I was like "YOU DAMNED LITTLE BLOB OF SHIT! NOT THAT WAY!!!" was terrible... -_-;

I lack asian superpowers, and as such, when I'm frantically trying to do some complex bouncing dealie to get up somewhere, I start losing basic motor control and hand-eye coordination...things get ugly from there. (Now would probably be a good time to mention the 'Help Baka-chan find a nice Japanese girl so their children can properly play video games' foundation.)


Been a lazy week.

04/26/06 @ 10:11:58 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 82 words, 801 views  

Argh, yeah. I'm being lazy. Mostly because I didn't have to go anywhere this week, so I've just been bumming around the house, watching anime, playing games, and generally not working up the initiative to do anything. Though I don't think this qualifies as news to anyone here. :P

I did however manage to make a post to the magazine site this morning. And I'll probably make a few yet, regarding that. And may even accomplish getting my gallery up and running.

Some cool pictures

04/22/06 @ 02:32:26 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, Pretty Pictures, 288 words, 1291 views  

Back when we had our POS Fuji FinePix point-and-shoot camera, my father took this great picture of a kayaker going over the falls on Otter Creek. Really cool stuff.

So, ever since we got our new EOS 350D, I've been waiting for the warmer weather to come so I could have an opportunity to shoot something similar. The opportunity came this afternoon when a spotted a pair of kayaks going down the river from the kitchen window. I immediately got my stuff together and ran out to the bottom of the falls to see if I could get some good pictures.

Yes...and no. It seems I can take pictures of buildings and flowers okay, but something like that? Not so much. It didn't help that I forgot some of the more important features of the camera, like Continuous Shooting mode... So I only got a few pics out to begin with...and apparently there were some stealth trees obscuring the better ones. (We're talking some ninja trees here.)

Yeah, I fail. _| ̄|○

Anyway, You-guys-whose-names-I-failed-to-remember-for-a-whole-ten-minutes, drop me a line at - r e m o v e d - so I can give proper credit and whatnot despite my typically addled nature. Thanks for the email, sorry I haven't gotten around to replying yet.

I'm going to be putting the few good pics I managed to snap up on the Tangible Imagination gallery when I go and update it so I can make it publicly accessible in a real way. (As I'm still in the process of kicking the tires on it.) That goes for all you GPMoD people, too! See what some people are out doing while we're playing our video games and watching anime!

(link to gallery still pending)


04/21/06 @ 09:04:20 pm, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 242 words, 1401 views  

So, I've been on a Tetsuya Mizuguchi kick the last couple days, after finally bringing myself to play Rez for the PS2, on the Giant WallScreen of Doom...mostly thanks to my love of Lumines and recent determination to kick the ass out of that damned game once and for all. (*´Д`)

Damn I've missed that game. It is so friggin beautiful, both visually and aurally. I haven't played it since the DC, and that was a failing on my part, I see that now.

Anyway, I heard about a game today called Every Extend Extra, for the PSP. And found out that there's an original PC version called Every Extend, and that it is FREEWARE. It's been described as a cross between Rez and Lumines. So obviously I had to try it.

The PSP version was apparently supposed to drop January 2006, but retailers still show it as TBA, and I haven't found further information.

Apparently, this PSP remix of Every Extend (E2), also known as E3, will be worked on by Mizuguchi... But information is sparse at best. (You're about to see 'at worst', I'm afraid...) God forbid my arch-nemesis IGN be the only gaming site on the planet, since those morons have a page for the game where they TRY TO DEFINE THE GAME BY MAKING OBSERVATIONS ABOUT A SHORT GAMEPLAY VIDEO IN EXCRUCIATING DETAIL. Nice job, assholes. Try playing the game. It's only been around for a couple years now.


04/17/06 @ 05:47:23 am, Categories: Site News, 154 words, 755 views  

So yeah, I was reading me some webcomic goodness this morning, when I came to the latest AppleGeeks, and found myself following a link to their Guest Strip for MegaTokyo..., I hadn't read MT since even BEFORE the Piro/Largo thing, it somehow fell off my daily 'to check' list, and I've been intending to catch up for a couple years now. And when I followed the link to the guest strip, it became rather obvious why the skin I'm using on my site seemed familiar... ^^;

So yeah, in order to avoid accusations of ripping off MegaTokyo, especially considering that the GPMoD webcomic is going to revolve around a gaijin otaku stuck in Japan (Though quite different from MT), I think I'm finally going to have to get around to re-coloring the skin like I planned all along. ^^;;;; (Basically, I didn't like the orange, I was going for cold greys and pale blues)

Abducted desu~

04/16/06 @ 08:36:02 am, Categories: Life of Baka, 80 words, 1321 views  

If anyone's wondering where I was yesterday, I went to my grandmother's for Easter dinner, and as I was trying to get out the door, the power went out for 30 seconds, for god knows what reason, and I couldn't be bollocksed to log back in and keep my ride waiting. And then I pretty much slept like the dead when I got home, owing to the fact that I still hadn't gone to sleep from FRIDAY when I left. ;P

Burakku Raguun

04/16/06 @ 08:33:24 am, Categories: Site News, Baka-chan on Anime, 135 words, 800 views  

Just watched Black Lagoon ep 2 this morning, (No HD raw available yet) and ohmygod. This show just gets better and better. I love it. It is my TOP PICK for the season, and I'll be posting a short review of it over on the GPMoD Magazine site shortly. (Which, of course, means 'some time in the distant future because I'm lazy.')

Found out something interesting, too. HD raws transcode to PSP video beautifully. I guess it's because downsizing from 1280x720 to 368x208 kills all the compression noise and artifacts, so your re-encode doesn't compound them. Also, it looks awesome on the Giant WallScreen of Doom. (The original HD video, not the PSP one...that I have to state that because I know someone would ask is a failing on our parts, at a fundamental level.)


04/14/06 @ 02:57:42 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Life of Baka, 372 words, 739 views  


So, as many of you know, I bought a bunch of Range Murata stuff off Amazon Japan on Tuesday. ('A bunch' being 25,868¥ worth, after shipping.)

So, here's what I ordered:
Range Murata 3rd Drawing Works 'form|code', Limited Edition. (A hefty 9,500¥)
Super Color Comic Robot Volumes 1~4. (Coming in at a incredibly not bad 1,600¥ each)
Ultra Jump Megamix Volume 1 (A bunch of special shorts for Ultra Jump magazine, with a Range Murata cover, and a short set in the universe of Shirow Miwa's Dogs.

I was going to get Robot Volume 5, but Amazon was being a bastard, and when I tried to check out with it, it said my shipment would go out JUNE TWELFTH... Screw that. So I got a couple manga instead, namely Gantz Volume 1, and Keroro Gunso Volume 11.5. ^^

Now, I don't know what you people are used to when ordering stuff, but I sure didn't expect to get my package the second day after I ordered the stuff. Even if I did pay 5,400¥ in shipping...

This morning, I went to bed at 9am totally dead, having stayed up all night tweaking a gallery I'm testing. (More about that in a couple days maybe) But then, for no conceivable reason, I woke suddenly and completely at 11:22... I was like "wtf?", but I decided to get up and get a drink. I stopped at the computer though, to check the tracking, for the hell of it... When I checked before going to bed, the package was still in Ohio... Now, Amazon said I'd have it the 13th or 14th, but I didn't believe that shit for a second. I mean... Really! Two days from fragging ZIPANG fer chrissakes? Not for what I paid.

Anyway, before the tracking page could refresh and tell me it was 'out for delivery', I heard the *beep-be-buh-beep* of the DHL guy scanning the package in as 'Delivered', and then a knock at the door. I was like...


Lemme tell ya, if you have any interest in Murata's work, you'd better get form|code right-friggin-now. That's all there is to it. There were only 8,000 copies made, they've all been distributed. And, it is the single must beautiful man-made object I've ever laid eyes on.

Yeah, I know....

04/10/06 @ 11:06:34 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 78 words, 675 views  

...still nothing done... Sue me. Actually, I suppose that's not entirely true. Despite the combination of allergies + allergy medication putting me on my ass most of the weekend, I have been playing around with Manga Studio EX, and it's the winningest piece of drawing software ever, and I may well manage to do something productive with it soon.

I'm posting a bunch of stuff to the GPMoD Magazine site, so head on over there after you read this.

Like, pictures and stuff.

04/06/06 @ 10:17:20 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Site News, 207 words, 1223 views  

So, I plan to put the GPMoD gallery up soon, right after I rearrange the whole media subdomain. (darui~ *Runs off to watch ComiPa instead*) Also a gallery for Tangible Imagination Inc., which will include my artwork and photographs. (And will allow for the purchase of prints~)

Also, I'm considering sharing some webspace with anyone who wants in, for a small fee. (far less than most webhosts, it would seem) Of course, if you really need the space, might I recommend going direct to DreamHost? (It's worth noting that I can offer discounts on DH if you ask me.) What's more, is I'd be really appreciative, as that kind of thing helps greatly with the site's hosting fees. (Which I just paid...60 days late. =_=)

As usual, I will tell you that they are, no bullshit, the best webhost around. I mean, I'm paying $19.95 a month (Or $15.95 a month for 2 years), for almost 80gb of space, almost 2tb of transfer, and almost unlimited damn-near-everything-else. Not to mention a free domain registration, and the fact that the space and transfer increase WEEKLY.

But I digress with my spam. Anyway, keep an eye out for the galleries, and check out all my photos and stuff when I get it up. ^_^

What's wrong with this picture?

04/06/06 @ 09:39:47 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The Anime Community, 120 words, 1236 views  

I woke up to some retardation on Rizon this morning, and got my morning workout. Apparently, my sparring partner was working off a script, and trolling the whole channel. And now claims that I have been pwned. By what? You gave me exactly what I wanted, you tool. I got my morning workout, you got banned.

I'm sure no less than a dozen stupid people will curse you to hell for seeing to it I was wide awake so early in the morning, though. ^_- b O YA, BERI GUUDO! You're even a danger to your own kind.

Oh noes, he was working off a script~ Like I listen to the people I'm arguing with anyway, pfft. That's how amateurs operate.

April Fool's!

04/02/06 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, News, 17 words, 1170 views  

If you believed my last post AT ALL, you should really obey natural selection by killing yourself.

no more bakachan... orz

04/01/06 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Life of Baka, News, Site News, 184 words, 1051 views  

lol! so liek smthng happnd 2 me 2day and bcuz of it i decided 2 stop acting better then every1 else bcuz i figured out that i rly am just a wapanese afteral so im gon stop pretending i know everythng and stop watching anime accept dbz and naruto bcuz naruto iz awesome evn teh dub is rly rly good i also kidna liek the dub for one peice i thing 4kids rly naild it

im sry 4 bing a ass all teh time expecialy to umbra vincent every samuron tfx n-bomb enron and jakoavain who r rly my mst awesome frends

ps i also bought a nintendo ds im sry bomb you were rite it is much better then my psp the gamez r teh gr8est!!!!!!111 im gona sell my psp when i get a ipod 4 my muzik lol useles sony junk looool

pss im changng teh name of dis sight to somethink less stoopid looolz and my nick is going 2 b ssj|sasuke cuz thatd b awesome lolololol

i need moar naruto!!!! cu ppl l8r im gona go watch a marithon of dbz


nani sore?
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