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Japanglish wa sugoi desu!

03/28/06 @ 06:18:18 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Pretty Pictures, 95 words, 1075 views  

We've all seen Engrish, and if you're like me, you know that Japanglish, Japanese badly used by foreigners, DOES exist. But never has it hit so close to home for the Baka-chan. Observe!

Not just performance apparel, SUGOI performance apparel!
Click for larger image.

This sticker is in one of the Merchant's Row-side display windows of the Alpine Shop here in downtown Middlebury, right down the street from me. I couldn't help but stop and shoot a picture, and when it turned out not looking as good as I'd hoped....I went back out and shot it again. It was THAT BAD.


03/23/06 @ 04:22:06 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The Gaming Community, Baka-chan on Games, 649 words, 1247 views  

I'm sick and tired of getting into these retarded fights about PSP vs NDS.

It's lunacy. They're in two completely different device classes. It's like comparing a rather feature-filled cellphone (NDS) to a full-fledged pocket pc (PSP).

They both have some of the same has a bit more to it, and is generally more powerful... What's more, they both do EXACTLY what they're supposed to do...but what they're supposed to do is rather dissimilar. Look. There's no friggin comparing them. Really. Get over it.


  • Portable Console
  • Plays graphically-complex home console style games.
  • Plays music, videos, views images...
  • Internet connectivity for games, web browser, RSS feeds (So far podcasts only), and Mail (upcoming firmware).
  • Great battery life considering the massive screen it's powering.
  • Good for 'Software' as well as games; Talkman, Korean English-learning software, upcoming GPS unit and software, etc.
  • Massive screen that makes it as good for videos and whatnot as it is for games.
  • Costs upwards of $300.


  • Handheld Console
  • Games range from typical fun handheld fare to innovative handheld gaming through use of the stylus.
  • Internet connectivity for games, more utilitarian uses forthcoming. (Though Pictochat is pretty cool.)
  • Great battery life.
  • Stylus interface has great software potential despite smallness of screens.
  • Multiple screens offer interesting opportunities for game developers.
  • Weighs in at a nice round $150.

While we're here, I'd like to categorically shoot down some of the stupider shit people say in these arguments.

But all the games are ports...

stfu, really. Fall down a well and die. First of all, the games aren't 'all ports' though an American gamer probably wouldn't know that, since the US library is shit.

Second, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PORTS?! If you loved a certain gamecube game, you wouldn't want to be able to take that game everywhere on the DS? Though, you probably couldn't because the DS doesn't have that kind of graphical power. (The Metroid games are pretty impressive, however.) Here's the port I'm waiting for: Disgaea. God that game is a timesink. I've got like 30 hours on it, and I'm nowhere. Because I got addicted to the item world. Can you THINK of a more perfect game for the PSP? But I digress.

Also, what the fuck do you call the 735th Super Mario, Mario Kart, Metroid, and Pokemon games? There are worse things than being a faithful portable version of a popular console title.

Now if only it had some games...

This is right up there with the last one. For starters, it's no one's fault but your own that you can't read Japanese, and thus miss out on most of the good games. But DAMN. The PSP has about the same number of titles as the NDS. STOP MAKING SHIT UP.

It does...all that other stuff too...

Ho-ly shit. I can't even comprehend this. I mean... You're saying...that it's...a BAD THING...that in ADDITION to playing games (which it does very well), it can also play videos and music, and surf the internet? I don't even have a rebuttal for this beyond asking the following question:

Do you even listen to yourself?

In conclusion...

I don't bash the DS, just people who stupidly try to compare two completely different things. I want a DS. Nintendo's games are almost a genre unto themselves, and that genre tends to be an incredibly fun play. Nintendo is also the most prone to innovative ideas. (Though I feel they took the stylus from innovation to gimmick in less than six months.) But as I said in my previous post, I doubt it'd get as much use as my PSP does. And frankly, I can justify a $300 swiss army knife, more than I can justify a $150 pogostick. Even though I could have more fun with the pogostick, the swiss army knife is more useful to me in the long run.

Dear America Online...

03/22/06 @ 11:56:21 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The World, 25 words, 1006 views  


I am sick and fucking tired of getting dumped from AIM during important conversations, and I'll see you all in hell.


03/21/06 @ 11:50:03 pm, Categories: Credit Where Credit's Due, Random Randomness, 83 words, 1069 views  

Gabe and Tycho over at PA have done what I guess you could call a 'pilot' for a podcast...just testing the water. A look into the kinds of conversations that spawn the comics. At any rate, it's a good listen. As the *chan kids would say "I lol'd." and I did, a lot.

I hope they make this a regular thing, 'cause it sure is funny. (As one might expect.) And it lends credence to my idea of doing a podcast ^^


PSP killed the iPod Fanboys

03/20/06 @ 10:35:25 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. The Gaming Community, Shiny Things, Baka-chan on Games, 361 words, 1290 views  

Why is an 'iPod killer' the holy grail of portable consumer electronics right now? I've had one since Q4 2k5. It's called the Sony PSP. Seriously. So many people whine about how it doesn't have any good games... Guess what? Learn to 'wakaru the nihongo', my friend. All the American games suck.

DS? What's that? Oh yeah. That little handheld game console. It sure is a cute little thing. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having one of those as well; Nintendo's core franchise games can be fun... But I doubt it'd get as much use as my PSP.

When I leave the apartment, my PSP comes with me, attached to my belt in its Hori Street Style variable case. With at the very least, a copy of Lumines, since it's the most 'any time' game I have. It's also packed with my flavor-of-the-week in music, some manga, this week's raws for all the anime I'm watching, and maybe even a book or two. I also use it to download and listen to podcasts, and to read my favorite webcomics and sites and news.

Now, the iPod fans will be like "But it doesn't have any storage!" Sure, currently you can only have up to 4gb of directly-accessible space... But that's going to change soon. In the meantime, there's stuff like a battery-powered 40gb HD enclosure that can hook up to the USB port and send stuff over to your card. Besides, how much music do you really NEED to be able to access at once? I typically don't listen to more than 1-2 different playlists over the course of a week, and maybe a few random songs.

And the iPod Video? What the hell?! The iPod is about the SIZE of the PSP screen. I don't get it. Watching videos on an iPod Video just because they gave it a screen, is like porting Adobe Photoshop to the DS just because it has a touchscreen and stylus.

I've got no problems with these devices. But when fanboyism kicks in and overrides common sense and obviousness of utility...that's just plain friggin stupid.

iPod = Killed iPod Video = Pwned Yeah, watch Ergo Proxy on your iPod.
Click to enlarge the picture, more coming later.

Casval Deikun lives!

03/20/06 @ 02:58:45 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. The Anime Community, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Random Randomness, 199 words, 2308 views  

So, I was doing some random surfing, when I heard about this guy, Daisuke 'Dice-K' Enomoto, someone who cashed in on a string of dot-coms and made himself a modest fortune, and is going to be the next 'space tourist'. (I personally think 'commercial astronaut' sounds better...) Anyway, I didn't really care much about that, beyond the fact that he was the first Japanese 'space tourist'...until I read that he wants to dress as Char Aznable. I was like... SIEG ZEON!

Seriously. He's going to dress as Char, he's already dyed his hair blonde, and he's going to build some gunpla in microgravity on the ISS. All I could think of, was what Lewis Black says about wealthy CEOs coming up with creative things to spend money on instead of simple one-upsmanship. THIS is the kind of thing he's talking about. This guy is going into SPACE as one of the biggest Japanese pop-culture icons of the last 30 years. Char-fucking-Aznable. That's a pretty creative and damned-cool way to blow several million dollars. This guy is awesome beyond compare.

JESUS FUCK! Yes, I know this is old news! But it's not like I post every friggin day, you know?

Final Fantasy XII is better than you [UPDATE]

03/20/06 @ 01:58:44 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Site News, Baka-chan on Games, 66 words, 680 views  

I did in fact play FFXII for 9 hours straight for a SECOND DAY in a row. But I got stuck on something, and used that as an excuse not to play it since, and actually get some work done.

I posted the introduction to my review, to whet your appetites. Yes, I finally posted something to the GPMoD Magazine site. The end may well be nigh.

Final Fantasy XII is better than you

03/16/06 @ 05:54:48 am, Categories: Baka-chan on Games, 42 words, 633 views  

There isn't really much more to say than that. But know my ability to blather for hours on end, I nonetheless will say more than that...tomorrow maybe. If I don't play FFXII for 9 hours straight...again. (That should tell you something.)

Random update

03/10/06 @ 06:15:01 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, Baka-chan on Anime, Baka-chan on Manga, 339 words, 1514 views  

I haven't been getting much done on the site, but that doesn't mean all my time is spent idle.

I've shot over 1500 photos with my new camera and produced a large number of different pieces of artwork I hope to be able to sell.

I have acquired several Range Murata artbooks, a couple of which are quite rare.

I've played numerous PS2 games that kick ass, and I wish to impart their awesomeness unto my readers. (Prime example being Kidou Senshi Gundam: Climax U.C.)

I've seen a lot of anime I'd like to recommend. (Including Tales of Phantasia, Rec, Gyagu Manga Biyori, Akagi, and Noein, just to name a few.)

And I'd also like to remind you to check out some stuff I've found awesome, but maybe slipped by. Like Miwa Shirow's kickass manga, Dogs. (Don't let the name fool you, this ain't about some poodle, kids.)

So yeah, I'll get around to blabbing about that stuff sooner or later...

But in the meantime, I'd like to remind you all to click my ads and help me keep the site afloat. (Help I really need right now, as I'm a month and a half overdue on the hosting. tasukete kure!) The ads aren't the only thing, mind you. You can also help by simply following these links next time you or someone you know wants to buy something from Play-Asia. And of course, if anyone you know needs webhosting... Tell them to come talk to me. I can even give them a discount on hosting with Dreamhost, who I can say, with certainty are the greatest webhost on Earth. (Know any others that'd let you get away with not paying them for a little while? ^^;)

And don't forget that the giveaway is coming up! I'll finally get that donate button up, and you can donate to the Baka-chan! Every donation gets some GPMoD pins and a card, and every $5 increment gives you an entry in the giveaway! Just my way of giving back to people who support me.


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