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The Special Hell

02/28/06 @ 10:20:06 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Pretty Pictures, Random Randomness, 19 words, 1190 views  

Shuffle! House...because sometimes having a wallpaper image of them isn't enough.

Shuffle! House - Primula

In other news, Lobster is a Rori-Pedophin.

lurve <3

02/26/06 @ 02:07:54 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, GPMoD People, 30 words, 1040 views  

Ibuki is back home. Let there be much rejoicing. \o/

woo! Pushed that damned Hap** Holi**ys post off the front page! No more ***ukkah supply ads! Stupid Google Adsense...


02/21/06 @ 05:02:15 pm, Categories: Site News, 103 words, 610 views  

So, my wounds are healing nicely and the site is up and working...for now. So I'm going to get caught up. Here's a list of reviews and randomness to come:

Review [PS2::Periph.] RPG DuoCon one-handed PS2 controller by DragonPlus
Review [PC::FPS] Battlefield 2
Review [PSP] Sony PlayStation Portable Ceramic White Gigapack
Review [Anime::OVA/Movie] Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG: Individual Eleven
Review [Anime::TV] Ergo Proxy
Review [Manga::Artbook-Doujinshi] Range Murata's Synchrotone
Review [Manga::Artbook-Doujinshi] Range Murata's Last Exile Character Filegraphy Spheres++
Other Discussion about digital photography and printing as well as relevant equipment.
Other GPMoD Giveaway #0001, finally!

Baka-chan's 'Adventures in Extreme Photography'

02/18/06 @ 10:46:49 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 410 words, 582 views  

So, yeah. As many of you have heard by now, I almost died yesterday. \o/

Pictures to accompany.
I was taking our new Canon EOS 350D out on it's maiden voyage around town, snapping pics of everything... I was up in the Marble Works, to take pictures of the falls on Otter Creek, and while heading over to Noonies Deli to get a can of Arizona to fuel another hundred photos, I saw the train going by from across the courtyard, and wanted to take some shots.

I got one, but it wasn't great... So I wanted to get closer. I stood above the edge of a walled-in walkway that circles the building, and was getting ready to shoot when... had been windy all day, and it certainly felt like I might go hang gliding on my trenchcoat a couple times, but man...

...a massive gust of wind hit me in the back like a sack of laundry. I lost my footing and stumbled forward. Of course, there was nowhere to stumble... So, I fell a good 3+ feet down to the walkway, which is a crappy uneven path of asphalt, luckily landing on my feet. Unfortunately, I had too much momentum to stop like that, and found myself pitching forward. Of course, my first thought as the asphalt rushes up to meet me is "Okay, I'm holding $1400 worth of camera right now... This is officially Not Fucking Good™."

Super Hero Mode, TURN ON!

I held the camera (Which was around my neck on a neckstrap) up in my left hand, while breaking my fall with my right. I pushed off and twisted to roll across my back, holding the camera out along the axis of rotation.

My mother, who was tagging along, merely saw me suddenly disappear...and then my hair whipping through the air several times from behind the retaining wall... Somewhere nearby, I heard her laughing.

The Score:

The Camera: Golden.
The Camera Bag: Not even a speck of dirt. (Despite me landing in a mudpuddle)
The Baka-chan: A fucking calamity, but he'll live.

My pants were covered in mud, I skinned and bruised my right palm, my left elbow, my right knee, left hip, the left side of my stomach, and I seem to have bruised or sprained both ankles from landing funny.

But, I didn’t break an uber-expensive camera on its maiden voyage a day after we got it. So I win. \o/

It's always some damn thing.

02/16/06 @ 03:32:21 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 74 words, 665 views  

Little problem with the domain, everything's fine now...for now. As some of you may have noticed, it was still reachable via bad the site internally references everything was screwed to hell.

So, we're back up and running. Expect news on the giveaway now that I can actually take pictures of stuff.

It's a constant life and death struggle, let me tell ya. But I'm winning. \o/


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