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New and Improved! (Read: Not Broken)

01/27/06 @ 09:15:14 am, Categories: Site News, 17 words, 649 views  

The site is working, with considerably less breaky-breaky. Thanks entirely to Edward_K, our local guru. otsukaresamadesu!

tanjoubi omedetou!

01/27/06 @ 09:09:22 am, Categories: Life of Baka, GPMoD People, 51 words, 1037 views  

You heard right, it's Baka-chan's birthday. He's been kicking around on this mudball for a quarter of a century. Now wouldn't be a terrible time to donate some money for his geriatric medications. ^_-

Those interested in donating should go tell him, since there isn't a simple 'donate' button set up yet.

Sorry for the breaky-breaky.

01/07/06 @ 12:06:31 pm, Categories: Site News, 80 words, 683 views  

Yeah, the site is still broken. I've been too discouraged by the massive undertaking and Real Life Stuff™ to do something about it. In the meantime though, I'm working on some content for the site. Some of you have already seen some of it. Right now, I'm in the middle of subbing a couple of the Front Mission 5 cutscenes for non-Japanese-speaker consumption.

I will fix the site soon, I just need to figure out exactly HOW. Okay, I'm out.

Happy New Year

01/01/06 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Site News, GPMoD People, 31 words, 1045 views  

Happy new year, kids.

btw, the PSP menu theme doesn't change until you cold-boot the PSP... Kinda disappointing, since, failing all else, I wanted to atleast watch that change at midnight.


nani sore?
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