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Everything is BROKEN

12/27/05 @ 01:01:44 am, Categories: Site News, 69 words, 978 views  

Pretty much what the title says... Alot of the site doesn't work right now. Having to do with my multidomain setup... I'm working on it with the help of the b2evolution community. Wish me luck. doesn't work AT ALL, so don't go there. Clicking next page and stuff will drop you to the splash, so use the search or category functions for now. -_-

Baka-chan as miracle cancer treatment?

12/26/05 @ 04:40:55 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, GPMoD People, 197 words, 1299 views  

A couple days ago I banned Samuron/Sammyron/Sammy/Sumoron/Eji/Fuckup from #GPMoD for not getting rid of an idiot-ass script that makes him say 'lusting over lolis' everytime he types 'lol'... The next day, I get this in a query window:

[12.25/17.01.59] <Eji> hay
[12.25/17.02.07] <Eji> is there a way you can download a umd
[12.25/17.02.08] <Eji> and somehow
[12.25/17.02.13] <Eji> MAKE IT WORK ON PC to watch
[12.25/17.03.05] <Eji> cuz i came acrosst the ajikan umd on usenet
[12.25/17.10.02] <Eji> also
[12.25/17.10.19] <Eji> how do i accessed

This involves countless levels of wtf, not the least of which is, this is pretty retarded even by Sumoron standards. Did he really devolve that much in the day he wasn't in the channel? Was the anti-stupid I radiate the only thing keeping his MASSIVE BRAIN TUMOR at bay? I will ponder these things... Meanwhile, EDGE SAMURON HAS HEREBY BEEN DETERMINED TO BE A DANGER TO ALL SENTIENT LIFE, CONTACT WITH HIM MUST BE MINIMIZED, AND REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO PROPER AUTHORITIES. (For example, a Genepool Lifeguard, or a Paladin of The Order of Ninety-Nine.)

I have words...

12/25/05 @ 01:34:58 am, Categories: Site News, GPMoD People, 79 words, 1042 views  

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Merry Yule, Happy Chanukah, Peaceful Kwanza, Merry Giftmas, Merry Winter-een-mas, and a Joyous Athiest-kids-get-presents-day!

To all you crazy kids who hang out and support GPMoD, and the ones who aren't around, and the ones who can't be with us.

You've all put up with my craziness and my procrastination, and even my sheer inability to get stuff done. And I thank you. Expect big things in the year to come. That's my New Year's resolution.

A little more tweaking.

12/23/05 @ 04:25:36 am, Categories: Site News, 109 words, 697 views  

Don't let anyone tell you that manually editing your goddamn MySQL database isn't fun! Ugh. I figured out what one of my problems was... The original 'Giant Pachinko Machine of Doom' blog (This one) was set as blog ID 1, which meant it would 'display all'... Of course, this wasn't a problem back when it was the only one... So I had to go in and manually change the blog ID... Then of course, nothing showed up in the blog, because all the categories for it were still bound to blog ID 1... IT WAS FUN! Fun like hammering rusty nails into my junk.

But I got it working. Go me!

Captcha, TURN ON!

12/21/05 @ 07:32:26 pm, Categories: Site News, 64 words, 982 views  

Okay, got captcha re-implemented. Noticed a few more bugs I'm going to have to smash, for instance, after you post a comment, you end up back at the splash instead of the page you were at... But I'll get them all squashed eventually, though I have no idea what makes me say that, since I have NO FRIGGIN CLUE about this stuff.


12/19/05 @ 09:55:44 pm, Categories: Site News, 238 words, 1075 views  

Yes, I know. Sometimes I surprise even myself with how awesome I am. So, I've got the site mostly working. I hacked together a summary page from duct tape, spit, and bubblegum, and somehow didn't blow up my webhost. I now have THREE blogs running off a single b2evolution installation, in three subdomains.

There's some weirdness with the summary page still, but nothing critical. And I kinda sorta deleted the mysql db for the ad system, but then, I only had the one banner. On the up-side, my google ads are back to displaying things that make sense, instead of plastic shipping pallets and other reusable plastic packing material. (Watch, now I've doomed myself to see nothing BUT those ads.)

I've unfecked my shit, and gotten it together. This week I have to concentrate on making final fine-tunings to the stylesheets, and filling the magazine blog with content... Then I'll deal with the annoying non-critical problems the summary page is giving me.

btw, the latest version of b2evo is a blast.

About an hour after I made this post, Dreamhost dropped off the net completely for like 10 minutes... And no, I didn't do it...atleast, I don't think I did.

Yes, I do know that the feedback is broken, I haven't re-added the captcha hack yet. Tomorrow or Wednesday for that, can you not wait two days to tell me how awesome I am?! JEEZ!

Time for some thrilling heroics...

12/18/05 @ 04:20:46 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 71 words, 713 views  

Okay, just when I was about to put up the GPMoD Magazine site, I found out that there's a new version of my blog software that supports multiple domains and all manner of things... Argh... I'm not sure what to do, I'll probably just get the site up, and spend the rest of the week playing with the new version to see if it's a viable solution to the 'GPMoD Problem'.


12/16/05 @ 12:56:01 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 18 words, 1111 views  

I dun de-categorized this sucker. Now for the re-categorizing! Then I'm going to take live.

Japanese toys just win.

12/14/05 @ 02:01:59 am, Categories: Shiny Things, 412 words, 708 views  

When I got my PSP from Lik-Sang, I had them throw in their last 2 Nintendo History Collection Namco Special gashapon, and their last 3 Sega History Collection gashapon.

These are the greatest things ever. Almost as cool as my PSP.

Nintendo Collection

Sega Collection

What I got: 2 Sharp Famicom Twin Systems (My favorite console design, EVER. Except the red version one is better-looking.) 2 SEGA Mk.IIIs, and a MegaCD.

These things are insanely detailed. I wish I could take pictures...

The MegaCD comes with a 6-button controller for the MegaDrive. This controller is no wider than the tip of my thumb, and yet it has the 'SEGA' logo, and 'Start' printed on it as clearly as the real thing. The 3 new buttons (Forget what they were, XYZ?) are painted grey, the Start button is blue (On the Japanese systems the start and reset buttons are blue, not grey.) And, this I didn't notice until I took a REALLY close look at it; the ABC buttons and the D-pad are painted flat black to set them apart from the gloss black plastic. This is but one component of a 200yen gashapon.

The MegaCD comes with the MegaCD unit, with a CD tray that actually comes out, a tiny CD, a tiny CD case (Really just a little bit of plastic and card you wrap jewelcase art around, it doesn't 'work'.), and a 32x with a 32x cartridge of Virtua Fighter. The 32x, like the MegaDrive itself, and the TwinFami console, has a two-piece spring-loaded dust flap in the cartridge slot, just like the real thing. I mean, holy attention to detail, Batman!

The dreamcast, which I really really really want, comes with a pair of VMUs which hook together, go in the controller, and even come with the little dust caps for the ends. (As well as a controller, the console, and a copy of Space Channel 5.) How crazy is that? And the whole thing is about the size of the Dreamcast logo on the lid of a real DC. INSANE!

I really want get the whole MegeDrive set, so I can make a pepakura TV with a virtua fighter screenshot on it, and have a Zaku and a GM sitting and playing the thing ontop of my monitors. xD How great would that be? The Famicom and Famicom Disk System would be great, too. Because when you get the FDS, you get tiny FDS diskettes of Kid Icarus, and Legend of Zelda. Cool.

To-Do List and some stuff.

12/14/05 @ 12:27:30 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Site News, Credit Where Credit's Due, 200 words, 1159 views  

Okay, tomorrow, I'm going to start re-organizing this blog. I'm going to delete all the categories, create new ones, and then re-categorize everything. If this sounds mind-numbing to you, it's proof that you're not stupid.

Later this week, I'm going to put up the dedicated 'GPMoD Magazine' site, which will be a blog just like this, but will be where all the videogame/anime stuff goes with media and whatnot.

Now, for the stuff.

Truth be told, I can't even remember how I found this, it rebooted my head when I read it...'s an awesome, high-quality, and extremely professional graphic novel, created specifically for viewing on the PSP. Folks, I present NYC2123. I fragging love Cyberpunk.

Some...more stuff.

Speaking of head rebooting... I saw 'Mind Game' earlier today... After the first 30 minutes...the rest of the movie, is like you're on drugs, basically... I'm not kidding. I think you'd have to be stoned or tripping for it to totally make sense to you, but even sober you take something away from it. (God knows what though...) And the animation is great, too.

Don't listen to what I have to say about it, just watch it. It's an experience.

More later, and I mean it this time!

12/09/05 @ 03:33:35 pm, Categories: Site News, 27 words, 599 views  

I'm going to talk more in-depth about the individual games and third-party accessories later, as well as about WiFi gaming, once I get the goddamn thing working.

Hands-on with the PSP.

12/09/05 @ 02:29:53 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Baka-chan on Games, 1740 words, 743 views  

Ore no PSP

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I plan to take some when I get some film for one of my cameras... In the meantime, you can get some pics from Lik-Sang. (Scroll down a little.)

About the order:
So, I ordered my Ceramic White PSP Gigapack from on Sunday (The 4th), and got it yesterday (The 8th), not bad for shipping from Hong Kong. Granted, I did pay $33 for shipping. But I wanted this sumbitch NOW NOW NOW, so it's all good.

I also ordered 2 Hori Liquid Crystal Filter screen protectors, Armored Core Formula Front International, a seriously slick Hori Portable Pouch Style case, and some gashapon. (I also had Lumines (US), coming in from Newegg, with my WiFi card.)

They included a coupon for $5 off my next order (Just like Play-Asia), a pair of black and white glossy Lik-Sang logo stickers, and a 'badge holder'.

btw, I haven't 'switched sides' or anything. I would have bought my PSP from Play-Asia except ACFFINT and the Hori pouch weren't currently 'Ships within 24 hours' at P-A. I still ordered some stuff from Play-Asia though. The Asian version of the GiTS:SAC game for PSP (For $13), and the copy of MSGSD:Generation of CE for the giveaway. (For $40!) As well as some gummies and stuff, of course. Why the hell not, you know? I wanted to get Rez for $13 while they still had it, but I ran out of $$$. At any rate, I love both Play-Asia and Lik-Sang. They're great stores.

First looks:
It became immediately apparent how well-packaged the PSP is. The box is almost SOLID with stuff. Upon unwrapping my beautiful new toy, it was striking just how incredibly gorgeous the PSP's design is, especially in white.

The unit itself is very weighty, it feels well-made, and you can tell that it's just full of hardware. It feels incredibly solid. The finish on the faceplate is one of my favorite stylistic accents. The color isn't on the surface of the faceplate, it's on the inside. The surface is actually 1-2mm of crystal clear plastic, with the white behind it, giving the effect of a deep mirror finish.

Even the little accents like the metal circle around the PSP logo on the UMD drive door are a testament to the craftsmanship, it is machined in a circular pattern, creating a circular brushed metal effect that catches light and creates angular highlights much like a CD. VERY slick looking.


After getting the AC adapter hooked up, I booted up the PSP. It asked me to configure the language, and the time and stuff like that, then I was greeted with the PSP bios, or 'media crossbar' I think they call it. I put in my 1gb PSP-branded Memory Stick Pro Duo that came with the gigapack, and proceeded to format the stick.

The Screen:
I am happy to report no dead or stuck pixels whatsoever. Also, it did occur to me that the screen may seem dimmer on the white PSP simply because of the contrast... Those concerns were wholly-unfounded. The screen is so bright that it makes everything around it appear dimmer than normal. (In my livingroom, with all the lights on. I have yet to take it outside because there's like a foot and a half of snow...and counting.) The refresh is superb, everything looks good and crisp, but at the same time, can look soft. (AC:FF Int uses a subtle motion blur effect that just about makes all the graphics look like prerendered video.)

Despite the unit's small size, the screen is quite large, and I have no problem becoming totally immersed in the game under normal playing conditions. (It later occured to me that this is an obvious thing, since even the original Gameboy could immerse you when you're really going.)

The Sound:

The PSP's in-built speakers can be a little tinny, but they are miniscule and it's to be expected, they are still good speakers, but with headphones connected, the audio fidelity is incredible. (The music in Lumines is just amazing.) I've also hooked the PSP up to the Line-In 2 on my Audigy 2's platinum drive, and blasted Lumines from my 6.1 speakers a couple times. It sounds spectacular.

The Controls:
The buttons all have a very positive feel to them, and I like the analog 'disk'-- it's not quite an analog stick, as it slides instead of leaning --the only problem I've had, is that the volume control seems to respond sluggishly, but that may be the way the software is designed, and not a problem with the buttons just seems to me that sometimes I try to change the volume and it doesn't actually do anything the first couple of times.

At this moment, I only have two games for the PSP, but so far I haven't felt that the lack of second and third L/R buttons, or the lack of a second analog stick, really impacted the game at all. (And I've played Armored Core: Formula Front extensively on the PS2.)

The Connectivity:

The WiFi is great. I haven't gotten the WiFi card on my computer working with my PSP yet, but I was surfing the net using an unsecured wireless connection somewhere in the building. (A strong one, too.) My Japanese PSP has longer WiFi range than the US models, because of FCC regs limiting range, or transmission power, or some damn thing...who knows. I don't know anyone around here with a PSP, so I won't be able to comment on WiFi gaming until I get my wireless card working so I can tunnel.

The USB is as-advertised. Fairly fast (I wasn't using a 2.0 port though, so I'll have to check that out later.)

Miscellaneous Miscellany:
I'll talk about the games individually later, so for now I'll talk about the other things I did with the PSP. I immediately loaded some Asian Kung-Fu Generation mp3s, and an mp4 video. The music played fine, albeit a little tinny through the PSP's speakers, but that's to be expected. (The speakers are fine under most conditions, but the headphones are optimal.)

The MP4 however, was 'teh fail'. I was trying to play a mp4 video that wasn't properly formatted for the PSP, and it said "Yeah, right...". I then proceeded to get a properly formatted video from PSP Connect. (The SOCOM 3 trailer.) And it played fine. My next project is to get a converter and run a bunch of anime raws through it and see how they come out.

UMD video is awesome. I was watching my Eureka seveN Vol. 1 UMD (Which I got for $20 with the DVD and the series box, on sale at P-A...their sales are crazy, aren't they?), and it was great.


The PSP earbuds and controller are great, though I haven't really used the controller yet. The earbuds are extremely high quality, as I would expect from Sony. It's worth mentioning that I haven't bought non-Sony headphones for about twelve years now. The controller seems to use their standard external controller interface, and would probably work with a Sony MD player, or my sister's Discman. (Which didn't come with a controller, but has the jack.) There's a bit more to it than that though, because SOCOM has a headset that plugs into the controller and has a microphone. (People have also modded controllers with cellphone headsets and stuff to get working SOCOM headsets.) So there's more to the controller than it seems.

The USB cable is disturbingly short. The first thing I thought when I saw it was 'What the hell am I supposed to do with THAT?!'. I'm not kidding, from tip-to-tip, plugs and all, it's about 20.5 inches. It's absurd. If you're going to make it that short, atleast include an extension. I mean, that's barely enough cable to hook the PSP up to my computer when I'm sitting infront of it, and I have a USB port on the BACK OF MY KEYBOARD.

The stand is nice, most people regarded it as a cheesy little thing, but it's really well-made, and I like it. I just can't imagine using it for anything-- actually, that's not true, it'll be perfect for my Yujin 'Nintendo History Collection' gameboy gashapons. ^_^

The case, or 'PSP Sock' as I've started calling it, is really rather nice. It provides enough protection to just toss your PSP in a bag or pocket, and I typically stuff it in there when I'm going to set it out to charge, to keep dust off it. It's well made, and very cushiony, and I like how they did the PSP logo on it.

The cleaning cloth that comes with the gigapack is very nice, it's microfiber, so it probably won't even scratch the bare screen if used properly. (I put on my Hori screen protector the second I got it out, more on that later.)

The PSP-branded Memory Stick PRO Duo 1gb was something else that struck me; I'd never seen a memory stick before, so I was astounded at how small it is...and a GIGABYTE no less! Now I really want to see the SanDisk 'Gamer' MSD's with their transparent neon shells. That's gotta be cool.

Well I knew the Gigapack didn't come with a wrist strap, but that still bothers me a little... Because none of the new Sony wrist strap accessories match the white PSP as well as the original white leather one. But whatever.

What really bothered me, is that the battery, which was supposed to be the new 2200mAh extended battery, turned out to be the normal 1800mAh battery. Oh well. I'll likely never be away from power that long anyway. And of course, the shortness of the USB cable (See above.) is annoying.

For what it's worth, I'm not really bothered by the version 2.50 firmware. Sure, if I had 2.00 I could downgrade and put all my games on a memstick, play homebrew, and all that stuff... But meh. Someone'll come out with a mod or crack sooner or later that'll be so good and so fundamental that Sony will give up and have to recognize that homebrew HELPS SELL HARDWARE.

It is kind of a downer that I can't play regular video files, despite the hardware probably being more than capable. And Ogg Vorbis audio support would be great. (Lossless would be better, but I'll live to fight another day.)

PSP wo katta.

12/08/05 @ 12:31:40 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Life of Baka, 364 words, 1299 views  

PSP wo katta.

So, I slept in this morning... Got up at around 12:30. Had a vague recollection about a very soft knock at the door... It must have been another door on this floor, or I imagined it, I thought. I checked the tracking on my packages (US version of Lumines, ordered from Newegg, and my PSP from Lik-Sang), the PSP still said it had been released by customs in Louisville Kentucky, but that's it, and Lumines was still in New Hampshire...

I wasn't too worried about Lumines, because it said 'Re-sceduled delivery Dec. 9th', but I was exceedingly worried that I wouldn't get my PSP before the weekend.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my package-tracking Konfabulator widget refresh, and the icon next to the PSP entry noted that it was 'Delivered'. So I was like 'wtff?!' and refreshed the tracking page in my browser... Nothing. So I clicked the button on the widget to take me to the tracking, and it showed that overnight it left Kentucky, went through New Hampshire, arrived in Rutland, and was put on the truck this morning for delivery. I put aside my numerous questions about why the tracking wasn't refreshing in my browser, and threw on my old sneakers... (Didn't even tie them)

You see, my father works in recieving at the store next door, and it's not uncommon for the UPS guy to give him my packages when he drops stuff off there, to save him the flight of stairs. So I flung open the apartment door-- it's worth noting at this point that I'm in the t-shirt and sweatpants I wore to bed --saying "PSP WO KAISEI!!", and proceeded to trip the fuck over my PSP and do a header into the opposing wall of the hallway. Rolling over, I see the package at my feet and think "Well, isn't THAT special." I then tear-ass back into the apartment and shred the packing material in a wholly animalistic manner to get to its glorious contents.

Okay, so I didn't get my PSP by running around Akihabara the night before release and finding a place that was selling early... But this was my PSP adventure.

Yay~! Kattaze! ^o^ b

I lied.

12/06/05 @ 11:06:56 pm, Categories: Site News, 84 words, 637 views  

Okay, so my tireless work on the site may be more of a 'next week' kind of thing, I'm slacking just ANTICIPATING my PSP, so I don't imagine I'll get anything done this week once I GET it.

I'll play the hell out of it over the weekend, and get down to business. I PROMISE. If I don't have atlaest one big thing done next week, someone hit me in the face with a goddamn brick. I'm not kidding. My PSP will be FORFEIT.

Dammit, I did it again!

12/06/05 @ 07:10:15 am, Categories: Site News, 72 words, 599 views  

I hate saying "I'll post more on this later" and then not making any entries for a couple days :P

My PSP and everything has shipped.

Will be working tirelessly on the site this week.

I'm looking into creating a podcast for the magazine, as a sort of radio show that will sum up the week's gaming stuff. (Perhaps with an additional video podcast with a sampling of the week's gameplay vids.)

Checking in.

12/01/05 @ 11:56:09 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Site News, Credit Where Credit's Due, 47 words, 1104 views  

Wow, went a week without posting, I didn't eat turkey till I burst. Thank you for your (lack of) concern... I'll post more about later, as well as some other stuff. Just wanted to check in and share something amusing I read earlier.


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