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About AC:FF

10/31/05 @ 06:18:31 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Baka-chan on Games, 163 words, 615 views  

The concept is simple enough; design a mech, manipulate a set of AI behaviors and attributes, and enter it to compete. The execution is an artform.

The matches work like this: both teams have 5 Armored Cores, or ACs, they are sortied one at a time to fight in single combat.

The winner of the round is determined by last man standing, or least damage when the round time expires. The winner gets a percentage of their armor points and ammunition back, but must otherwise continue on in their current condition. It's what some games would call a 'team survival' type match. When one team member goes down, the next one is brought in to face the winner, and so on.

Knowing your opponents is critical if you're to last through the match, because sending your ACs out in an order that pits them against the most appropriate opponent is critical. (Sortie order is set before the match however, you can't change it on-the-fly.)

Permalink's first AC:FF match!

10/31/05 @ 06:05:20 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, Pretty Videos, 708 words, 990 views  

Formula XPERT - 17th Hillside Grand Prix

Click 'Read More!' for a breakdown of the match, and links to all the videos!


Saisho no Uso, Saigo no Kotoba

10/28/05 @ 04:26:13 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Baka-chan on Games, Baka-chan on Anime, 161 words, 720 views  

Well, as many of you already know from my ranting and raving, I got my Eureka seveN Volume 1 box not too long ago. It was DVD Volume 1, UMD Volume 1, and Series box 1, and I got it for $19.90. Gotta love Play-Asia's sales. I love Eureka seveN. Great series.

A couple days ago, I had the pleasure of getting my grubby paws on a copy of the PS2 game, I was going to post some videos, but I want to hold off until I get out of the initial 'training' phase of the game, so I can really show it off. So far, I really like reffing. the game dynamics have a good feel to them, and I like how they handled your ability to 'read' the Tra-Par waves. The graphics look awesome, too. That's always a plus.

So, for those of you waiting for me to cap some Eureka seveN - TR1: New Wave vids, you'll have to wait a wee bit longer.

Armored Core Formula Front owns me again

10/28/05 @ 04:14:05 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, Pretty Videos, 189 words, 1130 views  

So, with the news of a new US AC:FF on the horizon (Including a Japanese reverse-port), I decided to dig up my beloved AC:FF PS2 game and play around with my designs a bit.

Up first, was my Fenrir Mk. I... Up last, was my Fenrir Mk. I... Damn that's a nice design.

As everyone knows, I've been jonesing for a PSP ever since AC:FF came out, and it turns out, it may be closer than I thought! The new Ceramic White Japanese PSP value pack, has dropped $50, to a mere $249.90. In a scant couple of days, AC:FF is coming out in the US, followed by the Japanese re-release in the form of AC:FF International.

To go with this post, I dug up a couple of vids, as well as capped a few new ones.

Armored Core: Formula Front PS2 - Opening Video

Fenrir Mk. I test - Round 1
Fenrir Mk. I test - Round 2

Fenrir Mk. I test - Round 3
Fenrir Mk. I test - Round 4

Fenrir Mk. I test - Round 5

Armored Core: Last Raven (Newest AC game) - Opening Video

Another Century's Episode (Oh, why not?) - Opening Video

Things that make you go 'WTF?!'

10/24/05 @ 09:31:40 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 429 words, 957 views  

So, I was looking for new stuff to download, when I noticed an 'Age of Empires III' making-of DVD.

The game's pretty good, and at the very least, one of my friends, who loves the series, might want it. But oh, what's this?! There's a comment on the post? Uh-oh... Is it bad? Incomplete? ARE THERE NO PARS?! OH MY GOD!! *Click*

Comment created by Member h2d [privmsg] at 10:27PM -- Monday October 24 2005 EST

makeing a movie about makeing a bad game is sad man... one would be mislead to belive they were actually proud of this...
I would like to see a the makeing of warcraft or starcraft...

What in the name of fuck?! Why the fuck do people feel the need to thread-crap in the comments of posts on newzbin, like it's a fucking forum? What the hell kind of sentence structure is ANY of that? And 'makeing'?! Fuck this, I'm taking this little shit apart.

(no subject)
Comment created by Member Baka-chan [privmsg] at 11:44PM -- Monday October 24 2005 EST

I'm curious to know how you can misspell a word THREE times that appears SIXTY TIMES on the page you were looking at. (We'll slide right on past the fact that it's not a hard word to spell correctly.) Does that take special training as some sort of Jedi of the Order of Illiterate Bastards?

You have got to be the second most ignorant person I have ever seen utter something on the internet. The first is Jack Thompson, wanted dead or alive for crimes against sentience.

First of all, AoE II is better than AoE. Secondly, AoE III is a great game, and a credit to the studio that put it together.

Your job isn't to go out of your way to tell people that something sucks, that's not what these comment fields are for. So could we, maybe possibly, leave it to people who have some idea what in the hell they're talking about?

If you doubt my claims, I merely refer you to the fact that the majority of sentient bipedal organisms on this planet have things to say about the game that are in direct, and diametric opposition to what you think. So get over it.

And if any of you would like to see how fucking ridiculous his misspelling 'making' is... Have a look.

Makeing? Honestly, what the fuck, son? You know what I say to that?

You fucking fail. You lose at the game of life.

Giant Light Gun of Doom

10/22/05 @ 11:16:46 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Pretty Pictures, Baka-chan on Games, 120 words, 897 views  

I miss actually being able to play Battleclash and Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge with a hardware superscope. Sure, I could just buy an old superscope and use it with an old SNES...but I want to be able to play EMULATED games with it, not because I don't have the games, or a game copier, for that matter...but because the original SNES video output is NOT going to look good on a ten foot screen.

Now, for some pictures of my favorite ST, the Viscount from Metal Combat:
Viscount, Idle pose Cool flying right pose.

If you think I'm not going to put this sucker on my wall when I get my hands on a couple boxes of PixelBlocks, you're out of your goddamn mind. :D

Super Baka World!

10/22/05 @ 01:32:44 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Credit Where Credit's Due, 73 words, 1038 views  

So, I was catching up with my webcomics, when I saw a link in Ananth's post over on Applegeeks that fascinated me; a link to a Super Mario World level editor. Which is weird, because not 18 hours earlier I was playing SMW and wondering if such a thing existed. This editor is some incredible stuff. Check it out, even if just to play around with it.

Also, this guy is a fucking genius.


10/17/05 @ 01:54:20 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Pretty Videos, 56 words, 1046 views  

So, I was going through the small collection of roms I'd culled from my Super Famicom MASTER ROM COLLECTION (kekeke!), when I decided to check out Tales of Phantasia... I still haven't actually played the GAME because I've been too busy playing with the SOUND MENU.

Behold! (5mb xvid/lame mp3)

That's the coolest thing ever.

Some classic Shinsen stupidity.

10/11/05 @ 12:15:57 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. The Anime Community, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 686 words, 1301 views  

[07.22/02.34.43] < YABA> When is ragnarock 16 coming out ?
[07.22/02.34.57] < YABA> When is ragnarock 16 coming out ??

[07.22/02.35.31] < keikochan> When you stop being a retard.
[07.22/02.35.37] * Baka-chan sets mode: +b *!*

[07.22/02.35.39] * YABA was kicked by Baka-chan (IT JUST AIRED TODAY YOU SHIT, FUCKING DIE)
[07.22/02.35.44] < keikochan> Awwww.

[07.22/02.35.51] < %Baka-chan> Gods.
[07.22/02.35.55] < keikochan> You didn't let me tell him that that meant never.

[07.22/02.35.57] < keikochan> :(

[07.22/02.36.25] < %Baka-chan> Well, I'm sure even HE figured that much out :P

This is just the beginning of the saga.


GPMoD Giveaway #0001

10/10/05 @ 12:56:35 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 643 words, 996 views  

I felt kinda cheesy asking for donations to get the hardware and things I need for the site, (Remember, I'm currently unemployed) when the site doesn't have any content yet... So I figured the best way to get things rolling would be to have a giveaway for people who donate. I'm not asking for much. Get enough people together, and even a trivial amount of money from each person, is more than enough. I'm hoping that each of you can find it in your hearts (and wallets) to donate at least $5 (USD). Every increment of $5 you donate, will be another chance to win something. Nonetheless, don't think of it as some kind of raffle; you're donating to my site, and as a show of appreciation, I'm giving you a chance to win something cool in return. This is just the first of many giveaways. As more and more people come, the giveaways will get bigger.

Okay, with that said... Now on to the giveaway. For this first giveaway, I got sucked into a sort of Gundam theme. A large number of magazines that are covering SEED Destiny, as well as some Z Gundam movie coverage, and a couple of PS2 games. (The PS2 games are both Japanese language, and will require a modchip or swapdisk to play on a US console. They are, however, very easy to play, requiring little actual knowledge of Japanese. All other prizes are Japanese-language magazines. Unless you wakaru the nihongo, you're basically getting them for the pretty pictures. On the up-side, they _are_ chock full of pretty pictures. And most come with atleast a cool poster. :P)

Cosmic Era PS2: (1 up for grabs!)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Generation of C.E. (JP)

You know how much I dislike GSD, so when I say that this is the best Gundam turn-based strategy game ever can fully appreciate my meaning. It covers SEED and Destiny storylines, as well having MSV and Astray stories. Everything about this game just rocks. Especially the real-time rendered combat 'cutscenes', as you've likely seen me post captures of previously.

Uchuu Senki PS2: (2 up for grabs!)
Mobile Suit Gundam: One Year War (JP)

Best real-time Gundam game...ever.

Newtype Prize Pack: (3 up for grabs!)
May, June, July 2005 Issues of Newtype Japan

These issues each come with very nice Gundam SEED Destiny 'Character file' booklets for Zaft, Phantom Pain, and Eternal factions. July issue comes with a double-sided SEED Destiny pencil board featuring Kira and Lacus. The July issue also has some nice coverage of the new Z Gundam movie. (Including a Quattro/Hyakushiki cover.)

Animage: (2 up for grabs!)
Animage June 2005

Athrun on cover, SEED Destiny Clearfile. Lucky bastards, I bought three and one didn't come with a clearfile. So I guess I'm SOL.

Newtype: (1 up for grabs!)
Newtype July 2005

See description of July issue in Newtype Prize Pack above.

Modeler's Prize Pack: (3 up for grabs!)
Dengeki Hobby June 2005

Features some great Gundam models, and comes with a little Zoids kit!

Hobby Japan June 2005, July 2005
Both feature a lot of great Gundam kits. The July issue covers an incredible model of Shinn Asuka (Also featured on that issue's poster), and a huge Votoms special, including a 1:1 scale Scopedog some guy made.

In the next couple of days, I'll add cover scans of the magazines and stuff, as well as some pictures of what comes with them, etc. doesn't have its own paypal account at the moment, so I'll be using the Tangible Imagination one, and will start taking donations sometime this week after I determine the goal for the giveaway. (I will also post further information at that time.) The giveaway will be open to anyone who wants to help with the site, but if you don't live in the US, shipping may be problematic. (I'll figure that out when it happens.)

I'm back.

10/10/05 @ 10:34:42 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 84 words, 667 views  

Wow, I haven't posted in almost a month... I've been kinda busy with stuff. I noticed there aren't as many people in #GPMoD as there usually is... That's a shame, because that place can be fun when we have a lot of people.

List of stuff being done:
Re-categorizing the blog.

Creating a seperate blog for GPMoD Magazine stuff.
Creating a seperate blog to use for webcomics. (Actually USING it is a ways off.)

Finally beating the stylesheet into submission.

Holding the first giveaway.


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