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09/15/05 @ 12:39:49 am, Categories: Site News, 28 words, 623 views  

The prizes for the giveaway have arrived, I'll post more information soon, but right now, I'll just say that it's a windfall for Gundam fans. (Especially Destiny fans)

Re-statement of intentions.

09/08/05 @ 09:52:41 pm, Categories: Site News, 263 words, 568 views  

Okay, even some people who hang out in the official GPMoD channel don't seem to know what exactly the GPMoD site is about. So I thought I'd lay it out for you:

  • Giving my impressions of the latest video games I can get my hands on. Usually not mainstream stuff, and mostly Japanese. (Not to mention providing videos and screenshots.
  • Giving my impressions of the latest anime series.
  • Keeping you informed on all matters related to such things. (As well as one person can, anyway.)
  • Hold giveaways for people who donate to the site. (This is an important one, and we'll talk more about it in the coming weeks.)

Some other things I want to work on:

  • Providing my readers with information on things you may not find elsewhere, like reviewing issues of Japanese magazines; telling you what's in them, including furoku, as well as talking about the manga serialized in them.
  • Bigger and better giveaways.
  • Adding a webcomic or serialized original manga. (Not possible with my current facilities.)

I don't have much of a day-job, and checking out the latest anime/manga/video games/movies is what I do with my free time anyway. It seemed only natural to share my love of these mediums in a way that's mutually beneficial for everyone.

For the last time, there is no magazine. The site is the magazine. Or atleast it will be when I start putting up the reviews and videos. And THIS site, not the test site. I don't know what I'm going to do with that anymore. I like this better.

Boredom and IRC, who needs video games?

09/08/05 @ 02:16:14 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 433 words, 736 views  

Hehe, this is the kind of shit that happens when we get bored. Piney tells me about what's going on over in #ayu, so I figure out a clever way to join in. Teamwork is the key.

[03:49:53 am] * pmp_ slaps pmp_ with a smelly sea bass

[03:50:04 am] * Piney slaps pmp_ around with a large moogle!
[03:50:23 am] * pmp_ slaps Piney with a rainbow trout

[03:50:32 am] * Piney slaps pmp_ around with a large trout!
[03:50:43 am] * Piney slaps pmp_ around with a large baka!

[03:50:46 am] * Piney stabs pmp_
[03:50:47 am] * pmp_ slaps Piney with a cute little Gold Fish

[03:50:52 am] * Piney impales pmp_
[03:51:09 am] * Piney slaps Piney around with a large wet, nubile catgirl!!

[03:51:13 am] <pmp_> \me kicks Piney in the shins
[03:51:19 am] <pmp_> crap

[03:51:23 am] <Piney> Use a foward slash.
[03:51:27 am] <pmp_> yea

[03:51:31 am] <pmp_> I just hit the wrong one
[03:51:46 am] <Piney> That's ok. We were all n00bs once.

[03:51:51 am] * pmp_ kicks Piney in the shins
[03:51:52 am] <pmp_> haha

[03:51:58 am] <pmp_> I really just hit the wrong slash
[03:52:06 am] <pmp_> it is 4:00

[03:52:10 am] * pmp_ lost faints
[03:52:31 am] * pmp_ dies

[03:52:46 am] * pmp_ slaps Piney with a pickled Herring
[03:52:56 am] * pmp_ slaps Piney with a Guppy Fish

[03:53:04 am] * Lasix is so embararaeed is puking guts on floor...
[03:53:13 am] * pmp_ slaps Piney with a wet noodle

[03:53:22 am] * Piney collects all the fish and cooks them for the poor hurricane refugees.
[03:53:29 am] <pmp_> \o/

[03:54:43 am] * pmp_ goes to bed and wishes Lasix well
[03:56:03 am] * pmp_ kills Piney, stacks all of his furniture on him, throws some paint on him, and then calls it modern art as a way of saying thanks for the help

[03:56:22 am] <Piney> ...
[03:56:37 am] <Piney> Wow. Not only that, but you did it in your sleep too. I'm impressed :P

[03:56:53 am] * pmp_ can sleep type
[03:57:02 am] <pmp_> It is like sleep walking

[03:57:49 am] * pmp_ needs to learn how to make a bot
[03:58:15 am] <pmp_> night

[03:59:15 am] * Piney kicks pmp_ into bed and dumps bleach and ammonia on him.
[04:04:28 am] * Piney dumps rabid gerbils on pmp_ while he's asleep.

[04:04:54 am] * Piney dumps crack on pmp_ and calls the cops
[04:05:21 am] Joins: Baka-chan ( [227 users]

[04:05:22 am] * Piney tags Baka-chan
[04:05:31 am] <Baka-chan> *COMBO FINISHER*

[04:05:37 am] * Baka-chan Super Gaijin Smashes pmp_ with the latest issue of Shounen GanGan, killing him instantly as its 900-page girth crushes him flat.
[04:05:38 am] * Baka-chan hops back off-screen

[04:05:40 am] Parts: Baka-chan ( [226 users]

[04:05:47 am] <Piney> VICTORY!

A howl in the night.

09/06/05 @ 11:58:16 pm, Categories: Credit Where Credit's Due, Baka-chan on Manga, 216 words, 1190 views  

I've stumbled onto a totally kickass manga recently called 'Dogs: Bullets and Carnage', I read the first chapter in my July issue of Ultra Jump. The art is awesome, and the stories are awesome. It's a great piece. Miwa Shirow is quite the artist and storyteller.

It turns out there's a lot more out there. This new serialization is a new story in the Dogs universe. There's also the original single volume one-shot manga. As well as the short "Dogs: Hardcore Twins" from the Ultra Jump Megamix collection. (According to Manga-Translation, where you can get scanlated versions.)

I still haven't found a place to buy the manga, but I've read scans. omg, it really is extraordinary. It's like...I hesitate to say this because it's a poor's like Sin City. Everything happens in the same place, and all the stories have overlapping casts of characters. (With Buon Viagglo instead of Kadie's Bar. :P) I love it. The art style and the stories are totally my thing.

I'm going to subscribe to Ultra Jump just for Dogs. And if anyone knows an import shop that carries the Dogs manga, gimme a yell.

(I immediately slapped together a dual-monitor wallpaper with some of the character art on Miwa Shirow's homepage. I'll release it when I'm done.)


09/06/05 @ 11:23:29 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, 100 words, 588 views  

I was so wiped today... I spent all of Monday cleaning the apartment, and Tuesday morning, I had to stay awake until the landlord came by with the guy who inspects the sprinkler system... After they left, I was like "Well, maybe I can stay awake long enough to go to my appointment at 2pm..." No sooner had I thought that, than I fell down on the couch and was unable to move. So much for that. I slept until like 9pm. Here it is only 5 hours later and I'm tired again. (I only got up for food initially anyway.)

Got hosting? My host is practically giving it away.

09/01/05 @ 03:45:40 am, Categories: Credit Where Credit's Due, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 414 words, 983 views  

On a semi-related note, I just got the latest newsletter from my webhost. I thought they'd already lost their minds once before... But now they've really done it.

They finally ended the triple drivespace/bandwidth quota sale by making those the new numbers... And, because they're really completely insane, they've now started a DOUBLED sale ontop of the now-permanent triple bandwidth and disk space. And to top it all off, they've doubled the amount at which your disk quota goes up each week. (By way of a for instance, my disk quota goes up 120mb a week now.) However, they have ended the half price sale on the level 3 hosting account. (But people like me who already signed up are locked in at that $19.95 a month forever!)

So kids, here's what $7.95* a month gets you right now:

  • 4800mb of disk space, increasing by 40mb each week.
  • 120gb of monthly bandwidth that increases by 1gb a week.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • 600 Email accounts
  • 75 Shell/FTP accounts
  • 3 hosted domains, 15 subdomains, and 1 free domain registration, paid for as long as you host with them.
  • Other features too numerous to mention...

And that's just the cheapest account they have! You won't believe what the other accounts come with!

*Price is $9.95 a month if you don't pay for 2 years.

I won't pretend I don't get anything for people signing up, but you have 3 months to make up your mind about whether I'm full of shit. And to show my appreciation, you can use the discount code GPMOD25 to get $25 off your first bill. Which would bring two years of level one hosting to a nice round $165.80. You can't beat that. Really, you can't. I know, I've looked. That's how I ended up with Dreamhost. :P

btw, their quota increase is retroactive. I now have 17040mb of disk space.

I honestly think the only way this deal could get any better is if they built your site FOR you while scantily-clad <insert opposite sex or whatever floats your boat here> served you drinks with little umbrellas in them. Well, with one-click installs of site frameworks like Mambo available from the contol panel, you've almost got the first part covered. And with the money you save with DH's insane deals, you might be able to do something about the latter half, too. ;)

I feel it's worth mentioning that I've been a more than satisfied Dreamhost customer since February, and plan to stay with them for the forseeable future. (Who wouldn't?!)

Get over it.

09/01/05 @ 02:10:32 am, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 57 words, 1009 views  

As you may have noticed, there's a pair of Google Ads lower down the page. (And possibly one up top, as I shuffled one into the ad system.) Yes, I am a dirty, dirty, whore. But really, come on. Baka's gotta make a living, and you people aren't doing him any favors. So get over it. :P


nani sore?
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