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07/30/05 @ 09:29:19 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 255 words, 1021 views  

Okay, just so you all know I'm not dead, I thought I'd explain wtf is going on. I have a lot of financial, work-related, and other real life issues (TM) to deal with. So it's been distracting me from EVERYTHING. I haven't been too distracted to think about what I need to do, and work through the stuff in my head, it's just the actually getting it done with that I've been prevented from doing.

Piney, sorry. I'll take care of the memory and everything ASAP. But if you want to wait a couple of days, I'll have some DVDs so I can burn off all that stuff you wanted.

I'm finally getting back on track, but now the new 200gb drive is full. No shit. So as soon as I get DVDs, I can FINALLY start capturing gameplay videos in earnest.

LLTA, I swear to God, the next time you tell me to buy some MMORPG you're playing, when you know damn well I can barely afford food, I will simply fucking KILL YOU. You will say it, "Baka, buy CoH and play with me!" and then I will reach through the monitor and snuff out your inane little existence. Is that understood? Oh yeah, and fix your goddamn website, your website is a disgrace to HTML, the web, and internet protocols in general. YOUR SITE MAKES VINTON CERF CRY.

Fix it or I'll sneak into your house in the middle of the night in full Splinter Cell gear, and break your goddamn neck.

To-Do List.

07/19/05 @ 10:02:00 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 196 words, 702 views  

Hmm, well...let's see here... Here's a list of all the shit I've decided I need to do soon-ish, in no particular order.

+ Take care of some paperwork I've been neglecting.

+ Review some games, anime, and movies I've gotten behind on.

+ Capture videos and images for them.

+ Capture images and videos for reviews I've already written.

+ Try to write atleast a couple scenes a week for my various projects.

+ Delete all the categories on this blog, make new ones, re-categorize everything.

+ Make new stylesheets for this and the GPMoD magazine site.

+ Get the GPMoD Studio website up.

+ World Domination.

+ Kill LongLiveTA, alot.

If you want to help, the best thing you can do is give me money :>> I know that sounds pretty self-serving, but truth be told, the less shit I have to worry about, the more I get done. I'm not suggesting you simply donate to me, but if you want to, that's fine. (Donations will get you first dibs on any cool stuff I do.), you can also check out my referrers, such as Play-Asia. Or even just sign up with my webhost. (That's the best option, and their deals will blow you away!)

The depths of your ignorance are staggering.

07/18/05 @ 11:39:51 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 265 words, 901 views  

There's a story on slashdot about, I felt it was my duty to God and country to chime in. Which I did, and then I came under attack by idiots claiming that by saying ADV 'butchers' things, I obviously watch dubs.

What the fuck? Me? Dubs? Apparently there's some kids out there who can't understand Japanese well enough to know the subtitles are outright bullshit.

And besides that, what's wrong with the concept that they SHOULD be able to do a decent dub? I mean, I AM paying for it afterall. I'd still rather eat glass than listen to a dub, but I AM PAYING FOR IT. And on top of that, 99% of the time anime is on TV in the US, it'll be dubbed. So, don't you think it's in their vested interest to produce something that doesn't suck, so people aren't immediately turned off?

The only reason I even watch subs is if I'm watching it WITH people...unless it Koukaku Kidoutai...who the fuck can understand any of that political babble? But it's enough to know that ADV's subtitles are shit.

When I first watched ADV's Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai DVDs, I thought they had turned over a new leaf. The dub, the subs, everything was great. (I have a review of it I wrote...somewhere...) But as things stand now, I'm becoming more and more convinced that it was either an isolated incident, or it was outsourced to people who know what the fuck they're doing. Anyway, all these points and more, now available for your flame-warring pleasure, on SLASHDOT!


07/11/05 @ 11:09:46 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 59 words, 629 views  

I have enough trouble getting anything done as it is, STOP FEEDING MY ADD!!!

Seriously. I finally start getting some work done, and LLTA is like "Come play Guild Wars with me!", of course, I don't HAVE Guild Wars, so I figured I was safe, but wait! What's this?! Samuron fucking offers to let me use HIS account. Goddammitall.

zomg! Svet-chan is teh FAMOUS! :O

07/08/05 @ 06:53:24 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 112 words, 640 views  

Haha, sorry about the title, couldn't help it. :>>

Okay, probably about a dozen times now I've discovered the awesome work of Svetlana Chmakova, who is also very awesome. ^_^ But everytime I do, I get distracted by a shiny object or something, and forget to bookmark her page. Anyway, she's got this great manga coming out called 'Dramacon' that's being published by Tokyopop. I suggest you all buy it.

This latest outburst of mine comes from the fact that I went to manganews and saw a link to an article in USA TODAY that mentioned her work.

Svetlana's website.
The USA Today article.

Preview Dramacon.
Buy Dramacon.

I can't wait for Dramacon! ~<3

Holy crap on a stick!

07/08/05 @ 04:12:52 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 100 words, 1593 views  

My webhost just announced in the latest newsletter, that they're upping my disk space and bandwidth quotas by 60mb and 2gb respectively, every week. And it's RETROACTIVE. I think they've finally lost it. :crazy: I'm getting all this space, all this bandwidth, and all these features, for $19.99 a month, when my last host charged $7.95 a month for 500mb of space. To top it all off, I get a free domain registration, and they pay for the domain as long as I host with them. And of course, they're rock solid.

Check it out for yourself. I'm on the level 3 plan.

I am a 'conversatanist'.

07/08/05 @ 02:54:07 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 177 words, 648 views  

I swear, I keep getting into fights with imbeciles on IRC. I've been at it so long, my verbal owning skills are as good as Takumi's driving. Give me any opening, and I'll exploit it.

[07.07/20.20.44] <Scum|game> so how come the patch didnt ask me where to put it?

[07.07/20.21.13] <Baka-chan|DeathOnATriscuit> Because it's smarter than you are, and knows where the game is?
[07.07/20.21.19] <Scum|game> yea right

[07.07/20.21.23] <Scum|game> haha
[07.07/20.21.32] <Scum|game> fukers

[07.07/20.22.04] <Baka-chan|DeathOnATriscuit> It's sad when these kids can't spell simple epithets...
[07.07/20.22.25] * Baka-chan|DeathOnATriscuit has the game installed to G:\Games\Battlefield 2\

[07.07/20.22.38] <Scum|game> good for you
[07.07/20.22.47] <Baka-chan|DeathOnATriscuit> It is, actually.

[07.07/20.22.55] <Baka-chan|DeathOnATriscuit> Since that's my raptor.
[07.07/20.23.31] <Scum|game> my raptor hangs between my legs

[07.07/20.23.48] <Baka-chan|DeathOnATriscuit> That's where -I- keep Godzilla.

I love it when stupid people give me opportunities for hilarity.

If you're wondering what a 'conversatanist' is, it's a word Samuron made up to describe my devious 'debate' style.


nani sore?
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