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Battlefield 2

06/22/05 @ 09:05:22 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 217 words, 647 views  

As you may or may not know, I have been playing the Battlefield 2 demo almost non-stop for 4 days now.

This begs the question: Is it really that good?

You bet your ass it is.

I only discovered it a couple days ago, because I skipped the whole World War II FPS craze, and as I associated the Battlefield franchise with that craze, I decided I didn't care. Until I saw the screenshots, and realized that it was the most beautiful and well-made modern warfare FPS ever conceived. Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, my previous favorite entry in this genre, simply FALLS SHORT.

First of all, there's just an incredible amount of content. A large amount of weapons, vehicles, and equipment. HUGE maps, the smallest of which is a couple square miles. Three factions, all totally unique.

Then, there's a featureset: Beautiful graphics. Awesome sound. Multiple win-conditions. Persistant character account system. Commander system. Built-in high quality VOIP system.

The list goes on and on.

More to be posted later, as I'm basically taking a momentary breather from the demo, and will have the retail within the next 12 hours.

Okay, full review still isn't ready yet, so I thought I'd give you all a pretty little picture from BF2, Baka-chan style. Here it is!

See how I'm doing:

Full stats.

More webcomic drama.

06/16/05 @ 05:58:59 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 198 words, 594 views  

Well, Scott Kurtz is being a whiner again. But he picked a fight with the wrong artist, that's for damn sure. Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Delete proved that he is not to be messed with as he punches Scott Kurtz in the mouth...metaphorically. (Unfortunately.) I enjoy CAD, and I enjoy Penny-Arcade, and I used to enjoy PvP. Tim is right, video games are just too fucking big to only have ONE webcomic. Deal with it Scott, God damn.

While Tim certainly laid out the cold hard facts of the matter, I think he did miss something. Scott Kurtz, you see, is no longer capable of bringing the funny. He is without funny. There is no funny to be had. Since I used to be a PvP fan, I took a look and went back through a couple months worth of comics. I only found FOUR that were remotely funny...and two of them...WERE ABOUT PENNY-ARCADE! #1 #2 #3 #4

So, I don't think that it's just that he's being surpassed by newer comics, I think it's that his comic has reached it's apogee, and is plummetting to Earth, AND he's being surpassed by newer comics.





06/16/05 @ 10:20:27 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 212 words, 648 views  

Well, I've been playing around with lightwave a bit the last couple of days, I wanted to model a bunch of my drawing tools so I could make a desktop scene. I started with, what is probably the most ubiquitous line-inking pen in the manga world, the Micron Pigma permanent archival ink pen, from Sakura.

I decided that as a warmup to actually modeling the pen, I'd do the label in Illustrator. Now, for those of you who don't know, I'm DAMN good at visually reverse engineering stuff. But it was a little easier this time, because one of the dozen or so pens I had actually had an adhesive label, instead of it being printed directly on the barrel of the pen.

Label scan

My leet vector graphics version

Everything in that image was hand-made in Illustrator, down to the AP mark and the Sakura logo. (Even the 'MICRON' text is actually paths and not text, I had to make the R by hand.)

I'm still perfecting the image, however there's only a few small differences. For instance, the C and O in MICRON should be more circular, the C in ARCHIVAL should be different, and the numbers under the barcode, and the 08 next to MICRON are close, but not exact.

I have just killed us all.

06/14/05 @ 09:38:44 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 50 words, 593 views  

Well, when you see it coming, just know that it's my fault. That's right, I have destroyed the planet.

But really, without taking into consideration the 'LLTA factor' who'da thought goth loli catgirl pron would destroy the Earth?

*sigh* With my help, LLTA found an H-doujin of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase...

Not sure what to think yet.

06/11/05 @ 10:49:44 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 89 words, 534 views  

I'm working on a joint-project, a draft of the first chapter of which was literally handed to me written on loose scraps of paper. It needed a little work, as it was written by someone who doesn't entirely know cyberpunk. They had the sentiment and the style correct, but the facts needed some polish. After transcribing it and running it through a minor rewrite and 'canonization', it became the start of a really interesting piece. But where it goes from there, I'm not sure yet. More on this later.

The word is: Schadenfreude

06/06/05 @ 01:30:09 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 179 words, 706 views  

I'm no one to really talk in this department, I'm practically a practitioner of it, as if it were some arcane black art...but this whole thing regarding a certain Penny-Arcade strip, has gotten out of hand. Now we've got Websnark saying idiot things like Gabe and Tycho are bullying this guy... What-the-hell-ever. I watched the trailer, the guy IS an overly-pretentious jackhole, and the whole thing is bullshit. The only reason -I- didn't make a comic strip tearing the guy down, is that I'm neither that funny, nor that good of an artist.

I guess the PA crew are just convenient targets, Tim over at Ctrl+Alt+Delete said similarly 'mean' things about the guy, and no one's going after HIM. I guess CAD isn't popular enough for Websnark to take aim at; it won't benefit him as much as firing a shot at Penny-Arcade.

I guess I'm still a 'good person', too...just because I don't get hundreds of thousands of hits a day...even if I DO voice the exact same opinion. Quit your attention-whoring, dipshit.

Today's post brought to you by Caffeine and Ajikan

06/02/05 @ 12:21:19 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 153 words, 614 views  

Well, I'm on a bit of a roll for once, getting stuff done. There's something to be said for momentum. I've been needing, for a while now, to model some of the basic Militech hardware for Gaijin Samurai, and I just scanned the pics in from the Corporate Report book this morning, and started work on the Militech Viper SMG.

What I have so far is about a 50% complete first draft:


Pic 1
Pic 2

Still a ways to go, besides adding the ejection port, bolt, and charging lever, mostly I've been tweaking the hand grips and stuff. Still need to do the barrel, I'll tackle that in the morning. WIP 2 Pic 1 Pic 2 JettoBevel is GOD for getting all these rounded edges on stuff. Nice having a goddamn bevel tool that can do complex surfaces and stuff. (As well as automagically create rounded bevels in any direction.) Not bad for a FREE plugin.


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